5 Reasons To Watch Seahawks Preseason Week 4


Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Christine Michael (33) carries the ball against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sport

The fourth week of the NFL preseason is like the final simulation before a shuttle launch. There’s no consequences for failure, but after a long period of training and several press conferences everybody is just ready for take off. Honestly, it seems like the Seahawks have been ready to start the launch sequence since week 1 of the preseason. The hype and energy surrounding this team makes it almost impossible to imagine another week of football that doesn’t count in the win-loss column.

But if there has to be on more week of preseason, at least there are few things to look forward to this Thursday night at The Clink.

1. Roster Battles

At this point it should be wildly apparent that the Seattle Seahawks have an impressive amount of depth. That makes the battle for the last few roster spots on this team worth watching on Thursday.

The biggest battles should come from the corner backs and receivers. The competition is so tight in the defensive backfield that it’s likely a player will be cut one day and fighting for a starting spot on a different team the next day. And with the emergence of Jermaine Kearse and Stephen Williams, the long list of receivers on the Seahawks rosters will be tough to narrow down.

2.Raiders Quarterback Quandary

There is no competition or debate in Seattle this season about whose the starting quarterback. Russell Wilson is probably in the film room right now assuring he stays in that position. The Raiders however, are still trying to nail that position down. It seemed like this preseason game would be the perfect opportunity for Matt Flynn to showcase his skills in front of his old team but he’ll be resting a sore elbow instead.

That leaves Terrelle Pryor the chance to make his case for the starting job against Seattle’s first team defense. It should be interesting to watch how well he performs and to see if that performance will create a quarterback controversy in Oakland.

3.The Christine Michael Show

After turning in an 89 yard rushing performance against the Chargers and a 97 yard rushing performance against the Packers, it’s time to see if Christine Michael can break the century mark in this contest. I know that rushing for over a hundred yards in a preseason game is about as substantial as acquiring all the money and property in Monopoly, but Michael has been a star so far and a player that is always worth watching. And seriously, he would probably start on a lot of other teams.

4.Penalty Watch

It probably seemed pretty bad when the Seahawks had 107 penalty yards against the Broncos. Unfortunately, the 182 penalty yards they collected against the Packers appeared to be much worse by comparison. One good reason to watch the Seahawks final preseason game is to see whether or not they can reverse that trend. This is their last chance to get these miscues under control before they become costly in the regular season. Hopefully they will be well below the 100 yard mark for penalties this time around.

5.Keep The Streak Alive

It has been about two years since Seattle has lost a preseason game. That’s a total of eight straight victories to be exact. The level of excitement for this fact should be equal to finding a really long curly fry in your Wendy’s bag. Winning preseason games aren’t really important, but the Seahawks have an impressive streak going and it’s fun to see how far this thing can go. If nothing else, people should tune in for that.

Okay, I’ve tried my best to find some reasons to be excited  about one more week of watching the Seahawks without having to have a heart attack. If you’re still not excited to watch the preseason finale this Thursday just be patient and know that the Seahawks regular season launch sequence is just about underway.