Howdy Pardners, It's time for some Hawk Tawk.  This week here, the Seattle ..."/> Howdy Pardners, It's time for some Hawk Tawk.  This week here, the Seattle ..."/>

Giddyup Hawks!….It’s time for some good old Hawk Tawk


Sep 22, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell (41) tackles Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts III (84) at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the Jaguars 45-17. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy Pardners,

It’s time for some Hawk Tawk.  This week here, the Seattle Seahawks travel to Houston to take on them rascally varmints, the Texans.  I had hoped to be at this weeks rodeo at Reliant Stadium, but the Army had other plans for me….so be it, I will just have to yell loud enough for them to hear me from Casa de Blanco.

Last week, the Hawks took on more of the persona we had come to know over the last half of last year.  The run game looked dominant.  The offensive line did a much better job of run and pass block, and there were great improvements in the penalty department.  I don’t want to make too much of this because it was the Jaguars, but any improvement is still an improvement. Russell Wilson had a decent game minus the two turnovers, and he didn’t have to scramble around so much in the process. We also got to see what our second string could do against an NFL defense.  Relax, I didn’t say a good NFL defense.  It was also a good game for all of us in an emotional sense.  I got to rest my heart for a few quarters and in turn kept my blood pressure at somewhat healthy levels.  This week, I do not expect the same.  I am stocked up on Tums and Tomato juice , just in case.  Let’s Tawk some Hawk.

The running game, as I have been trying to explain for three weeks, is the heart of the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks heart is finally starting to beat strongly.  Run the ball.  When the Hawks run well, everything else is well.  You know the running game is going well when the opposing team gets exposed to Christine Michael.  I am going to go out on a limb and predict that Seattle is going to continue to work Marshawn Lynch with the ball.  I know, I know…it’s a stretch, but I am risky like that.  Run the ball.  Besides, they need to show the Texans what a real running game looks like.  Arian Foster is a quality back, and Ben Tate isn’t a slouch either, but I will take the Hawks running backs straight up in this one, no need for a spread.  Run the ball.  If Seattle can establish the running game early, Russell Wilson should be able to take flight early and often.  The Texans have a couple of troublesome defensive players that will need to be dealt with to do that.  J.J. Watt is the biggest concern.  He has a knack for getting after quarterbacks and swatting balls at the line of scrimmage.  Russell Okung is out, so the Hawks offensive line will have a real challenge to keep him contained.  Run the ball.  Russell will have to make reads at the line and get the ball out quick.  He has the receivers to really take advantage of the Texan’s scheme.  Run the ball.  I am going to be looking for quick slants away from Watt, and Skittles right in his face.  Run the ball.  Overall though it will be important to run the ball.  I am sure I could emphasize this more, but I am not sure how.

The defense looked very, very good in the first half against the Jaguars.  They were supposed to and they did.  The second half saw some garbage time points go up for the JJ’s but other than ego, they didn’t hurt the Hawks.  I am going to be looking for the defense to come up big in the take away department.  I am expecting the run defense to continue convincing coaches to give up running completely and try throwing it.  If that happens, well, you know.  That is when the Legion takes over.  I am very interested to see if they can continue the trend of quarterback pressure this week.  Nothing looks nicer than a Schaub on his keester.  It would be really nice to see a seven-sack game.

Special teams have really been the game changers so far this year.  From field position, to field goals they have been excellent. This week should provide an opportunity to keep the Texan offense tucked into their own side of the field.  A game full of five or six  touch backs by Hauschka would be nice eh?  I also think the Hawks would benefit from not punting the ball, just never get to fourth down, easy right?   Hopefully Hauschka doesn’t have to try any field goals, just five or six extra points.  Yep, that sounds like a plan.

Overall, I just want the Seahawks to walk away with a victory.  They need at least a split on this back-to-back road trip, but a sweep is the better alternative.  Most of the TV talking heads are saying that this week is a possible Super Bowl preview.  I am not sure about how I feel about the Texan’s chances of making the Super Bowl  — they have the talent, but if the Seahawks do what I hope and believe they will, that will mean back-to-back losses for the Texans.  Maybe they recover, maybe they don’t, but let’s hope the Hawks earn their victory first.

This week has been a challenging one, so this Hawk Tawk will be shorter than the rest of my ramblings.  The Army has had me writing all week, and I fear my eyes are starting to cross.  I predict a 32-10 Seahawks victory, and that is me showing some compassion.  The starters will play the whole game this time though.  My buddy Ted picked up his girlfriend from the airport last night, and you won’t believe this, but she is a Texan fan.  She seems like a nice girl, but he said she seemed a little strange.  He went on to explain that her being a Texan has had adverse effects on her.  I started to feel bad, but then I realized what was going on when he sent a picture.

12thman now 12thman forever, GO Hawks!