Hawk Tawkin Into Week 6…The Seattle Seahawks Must Bounce back


Sep 29, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs with the ball in overtime against Houston Texans linebacker Willie Jefferson (54) at Reliant Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Houston Texans 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Fellow 12ers,

Happy Blue Friday!  Last week was brutal, was it not?  I really did  think that they would figure out a way to make it happen and they didn’t.  Right when I was convinced that Seattle would have enough common sense to play man coverage, they decided to go zone.  I will not spend this week trying to explain away that decision because it was not mine.  I will not spend this week harping on the fact that Seattle should almost never be in zone coverage.  Okay, maybe I will, just a little.

The Seattle Seahawks have a luxury that possibly no team in the history of the NFL has ever had.  Every starter in the defensive backfield is an all-pro player, when they are playing together, in the same back field, on the same team.  Mr. Quinn, if you happen to read this, and I know you will because everybody is doing it, please take heed.   You have quite possibly the the most fearsome pass-rush potential in the NFL.  You have Cliff Avril, Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett (I know he’s hurt) and they are all pass-rush specialists in some fashion.  You have the best defensive back field in the NFL.  You have Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner.  You have Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.  When a commoner such as myself combines those two units, what it means is that you play man coverage, and bring the freaking house on passing downs.  For the Seahawks to be on the “under” side of the sack ratio is ridiculous.  I do have faith that you will get this corrected, please do so soon.  I like to pretend that it is a grand scheme to keep the rest of the NFL from knowing just how dangerous the Playoff Seahawks will be, but I know better.  Seattle is not built for zone coverage, they are built for heavy press, man on man, shut down coverage.  Tell me I am wrong.

"“Giacomini is statistically the worst or second worst starting player at his position in the entire NFL according to the stat junkies”"

It was exciting to see the offense moving the ball fairly well, as that is something we have not seen very often this season.  The running game looked fantastic until they decided that they had to pass for no reason.  Russell Wilson is fighting from behind a beleaguered offensive line, isn’t he?  When you start a game with four starters sidelined, yet run the ball at will, why would you stop?  Russell is an absolute Houdini when it comes to escaping a crowded pocket, but good grief.  If Wilson was not behind center, Seattle would have given up nearly thirty sacks so far this year.  No stretch there either, he has truly avoided that many sacks with his magic DangeRuss hustle.  I am looking forward to seeing the team fire on 8 cylinders this week, as it has not happened yet.  Seattle has either been a defense on fire, or a methodically purposeful offense, or an absolute dominate special teams.  They have not put all three together yet, and it needs to happen soon.

The offensive line has been hurting Seattle all year.  Giacomini is statistically the worst or second worst starting player at his position in the entire NFL according to the stat junkies.  His replacement Michael Bowie, actually, has played pretty well all things considered.  If you don’t believe me go check out Keith Myers’ brilliant piece on Michael Bowie .  I normally would not link to another sight, but Keith was the Editor of 12thmanrising.com when I first met him.  He is the one who gave me my chance to fulfill a 12thman dream.  I just wanted you all to know who’s fault it really was.  The back ups have done an admirable job of getting small holes open for Marshawn Lynch, but are equally as successful in letting the opposing team get to Wilson, and that absolutely has to stop.  Penalties, BMHOTFW.  That means “banging my head on the freaking wall,” for those not in the know.  Seattle sometimes suffers from the stupid penalty syndrome, and it is bad.  Against the Colts, Seattle suffered from crappy officiating, and it was much worse.  I will not go so far as to say that the officiating cost Seattle the game, but it most certainly cost Seattle momentum and field possession.  Regardless, I believe Seattle lost the game because of zone defense, lack of pass protection, and crappy special teams play.  I’m right.

Marshawn Lynch was running with that look in his eye, was he not?  Boy, was I excited to see him moving like that.  I think the next couple weeks are going to be exciting.  I would really be interest in seeing more throws to the running back as well.  The offensive line predicament spells it all out in blue and green.  The lack of pass protection means run the ball and quick passes until the defense softens up.  Seattle seams to get in the groove periodically and I get super excited when they do — primarily because it lends credence to the voices in my head, but also because it is best way to get their offense in a groove.  The offense moved the ball well for the most part and looked pretty impressive when they weren’t being penalized for imaginary penalties or not benefiting from the referees not seeing the real penalties that the Colts got away with.  I regress, Seattle lost the game because they got beat, or the fact that the defensive scheme failed.

Max Unger is back, that is a good thing.  Bobby Wagner is hurt, that is bad.  The pass rush will suffer once again as the linebackers are shuffled around to fill the starting lineup.  Overall I think K.J. will be fine filling in, he is a great player.  I am a little concerned about seeing what Irvin does at strong side, but this is his chance to shine.  Percy is back in practice after the game, and that my friends cannot be overlooked, nor should we over-emphasize his return.  Seattle has a very capable receiving group, but they have some flaws so far.  The receivers have not been gaining the early separation necessary to defeat a strong pass rush in the passing game.  I have absolute faith in Rice, Tater, Dougie Fresh, and Kearse but they need to step up their games a bit.  Russell Wilson needs to have a receiver ready to puts hands on the ball within a few seconds of his third step in the drop back.  They haven’t constantly done so, so far, but we will see.  Harvin will most certainly add another aspect to the game, and I do think he will be that quick open Russell so desperately needs.  I think his biggest impact will be grabbing attention.  Nobody in the league is going to ignore a player as dynamic as Percy, and that may just allow the other receivers to get space to grab a few throws here and there.

My buddy Ted has a new roommate and I would like to welcome his new Buddy “Snort” to Hawk Tawk.  Long story short, some dude in a brown van dropped him off on the porch the other day, and now him and Ted are best of friends.

This week I am going to Jedi mind trick the Seahawks into a well balanced attack of running the football and dumping quick outs for the first quarter.  If they follow my game plan they will look like a well oiled machine.  Well, maybe not, but it would make me look good, eh?  I expect the defense to be challenged in the flats because the Titans will expect Seattle to stick with their worthless zone coverage.  That is why Schaub threw the pick six that Sherman got a few weeks back.  They thought zone coverage, because there was a release rush on from the end.  They were wrong.  I expect an interception before the end of the first half.  I also expect Lynch to get the century mark this week.  Russell will throw for 250 and two TDs.  One to Tater and one to Kearse.

Who knows right?  I just want the Hawks to win because this is a game that they should win,  12thman now, 12thman forever, GO HAWKS!!