Thursday’s win and what it means for the Seattle Seahawks!


Bam Bam showing some love.

Last Thursday’s victory provided something for all of the 12thman’s senses.

The Seattle Seahawk’s offense looked good.  I saw productivity that has not been consistently apparent  on every down this year.  Third down conversions finally became something Seattle could do.  Russell made much quicker decisions than I have grown accustomed to over the past few weeks.  I also was forced to watch Seattle commit several very stupid penalties, and a few more that were, “less stupid, but still stupid.”

Everyone watching the game heard the 12thman.  As kick off was occurring I remember saying out loud that there were a lot of Seattle Seahawk fans at the game.  That became more and more apparent as the game went on and 12 grew louder.  That was very very cool to see.  I know I wasn’t imagining things because even the tawking heads calling the game noticed it, and couldn’t stop tawking about it.  I also heard Russell’s post game interview and was very impressed.  What I heard when he spoke, was maturity and calmness.  He impresses more and more every time I hear him.

I felt the pain of the mistakes over and over.  Truthfully speaking, I do not believe something is a mistake when you do it over and over.  Mistakes are made once, the second time is, well you get the picture.  I felt bad for getting so upset with Russell when he fumbled the first time.  I felt embarrassed when he did it again, and well, I just got furious after that.  The offense line for Seattle is as much to blame for his woes as he is in my opinion.  He is back there trying to make things happen, and the offensive line fails.  I feel like the line fails on almost every play, though I know that isn’t true.  It just terrifies me to think what would be happening in the offensive backfield if Russell wasn’t so mobile and elusive.  Scary, I know.

I smelled victory right from the start.  Arizona just didn’t stack up to Seattle.  Seattle played another sloppy game, related to turnovers and penalties, yet somehow found a way to win.  Arizona has a long ways to go, much further than I would have guessed coming into this season.   Or maybe Seattle has just improved that much.  I am going to trust my nose on this one and say it is a mix of both.  I also thought I smelled Clam Chowder after Ted sent me a picture of their lunch the other day.  Boy do I miss that about Seattle.

I already Tawked about my account of the game, but will touch on a few more points here.  The offensive line is the only thing keeping Russell from being a truly elite quarterback, and in turn, the offense from being truly elite.  It sickens me how bad they have been without Okung.  I really don’t see Giacomini starting again, so no big loss there other than his absolute bruiser style.  He just lets too much get by to overlook his penalties and missed assignments.  I am looking forward to Monday night.  I hope Seattle benefits from the extra down time and can put a healthy effort on the field.  What I really want to see though, is a disciplined squad that can cut down the penalties.  It would be nice to see Russ have some time in the pocket too, but heck he is good in the pocket or no pocket so we’ll see.  .

Seattle is 6-1.  You read that right.  Atop the NFC, even thought there is company, they are there.  All of us “12” have witnessed Seahawk history and that feels pretty darn good.  I look to the future with big bright eyes, because it is only going to get better.  Wagner will be back.  Okung will be back.  Percy will arrive.  The offensive line will gel.  The Defense will stay aggressive now that they have the taste of blood.  The 12thman will regain their title.  It is going to happen.  12thman now, 12thman forever.  Go Hawks!

By the way, Ted says, “Hola, 12thman.  Go Hawks!”