Seahawks Catch a Thermal, Falcons Caught Hands, with their faces.


Happy Blue Friday 12ers! Hawk Tawk is in glorious spirits this week.

This has been an excellent week, has it not?  Isn’t it amazing what a solid team performance can do for the soul?  I thoroughly enjoyed last Sunday, every single second of it.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the Cowgirls could have figure out a way to beat the Saints.  Alas, that would have put Jerry Jones’ boys too close to the mediocre line.

Tater gives Big Russ a Hand

How about Seattle’s young receiving corps, what do ya say, give it up for the youngsters.  Tater, Dougie Fresh and Dirty Kearse put on a clinic for us.  Russell Wilson really made some trusting throws and his boys didn’t let him down.  If they keep playing with that level of confidence  SeaTac might have to loan the Clink a few air traffic controllers to clear the airspace.

It was extremely refreshing to sit back off the edge of my seat and watch Marshawn knock em down.  It was almost like the world was Blue and Green for a few hours. The first specific act of excellence I want to mention is that the announcers finally gave credit to some of the things Seattle does well.  When DangeRuss threw his awesome little stiff-arm while scooting around the end, they couldn’t stop Tawking about it.  One of the knuckleheads even mentioned how he had Tawked to a Seattle player and they told him, “We get motivation and energy from stiff arms.”  Well, that explains it all.  It was humorous, but I suppose you had to be there, in front of your TV, watching the game.  Nobody was doing that right?  Right.

Hey, I am going to keep going, but have some Skittles, I’ll put them in your face.

Well you can take that energy, and multiply it by a billion gazillion if we are going to Tawk about what Marshawn Lynch did to Atlanta safety William Moore.  I am convinced that Marshawn was just trying to give the dude a handful of skittles, to the face!  That was just absolutely brutal.  Heck, I bet Mr. Snuffleafugus even got hyped on that one.

The offensive line actually looked half way decent during the game.   I know, I know, but they did, depending on how you look at it.  I suspect that Atlanta’s defense may have helped in that perception, but oh well, Good Job Sea-Hogs, you deserve an “atta boy.”

Did you realize that Russell has only been sacked once in the past two weeks?  Did you know that sack was his fault?  It was nice to see Russell only having to do the “life scramble” a handful of times.  I did notice however that Atlanta was head hunting.  How many penalties did they call for hits to his grape?  I am hoping there are plentiful fines handed out for the dirty hits Atlanta was throwing around.  Time will tell.


Now let’s Tawk about the passing game.  Where do we start?  Well, how about Seattle capitalizing on the deep ball?  Wilson took several shot down field and his receivers took advantage on almost all of them.  Golden Tate had that one arm grab for the touchdown, Kearse won the body position battle in the end zone, Dougie Fresh looked good grabbing crossing routes and all was well in the cool Atlanta air.  Overall Big Russ went 19 for 26 for 287 yards and two touchdown passes.  That is pretty solid when you consider how many of those throws were over 20 yards.  Tater and Kearse were super exciting, and Dougie looked great as well.

Marshawn was fired up, and I mean not the normal Beast Mode kind of fired up.  There was a little something extra in his skittles last Sunday.  All said and done he finished with 24 carries for 145 yards and one TD, but it was the nature of the “Beast” that really set the tone.  Marshawn even had a nifty little shot put back to Wilson immediately following his 37 yard run that ended up as a 43 yard TD reception for Kearse.

The defense looked much, much better.  They looked like they should have looked.  Atlanta’s run game is weak, and Seattle shut it down.  The defense should have been vulnerable after Browner went out with injury, but oh no, someone forgot that Walter Thurmond could start on most NFL teams.  Walter even got mad at himself for blowing the coverage that forced him to chase old boy down and cause the fumble.  I liked watching the defense work last Sunday.  It was unfortunate that they left a few interceptions on the field, but I’ll take the overall victory.

I am very much looking forward to the Vikings game.  It will be exciting to see Percy get some game action, sure.  But, I am more excited to see what Percy’s presence does to the coverage normally afforded to Kearse, Tater, or Baldwin.  Percy will also have an effect on how teams play the run, and I know we all are wondering what other teams will do when Russell, Lynch, and Percy are all on the field at the same time, only one man could have summed up that feeling.  My Oh My, can you feel the goose bumps?

I will Tawk to you all soon, but I have to get ready for Sunday.  12thman now, 12thman forever, Go Hawks!