Seattle Seahawks Host Saints on Monday Night Football! Game of the Year?


Marshawn sees Skittles

I owe you an apology.  I was late getting this weeks installment of Hawk Tawk to press.  Family comes first, so I am not sorry for that, however, I feel bad for leaving my Army of readers out in the cold.  All 12 of you.  Now let’s Tawk Hawk.

What a ride through the first 11 weeks, what a ride.  Our beloved Seattle Seahawks are growing up so fast.  Seems like just yesterday that Jimmie Zorn was rambling around outside the pocket looking for Steve Largent.  Now they are 10-1.  I vividly remember Dave Krieg and his tiny hands shovel “tossing” the ball to anyone he could find.  Now they are 10-1.  In their teens, Matty Hasselbeck and his Hawks stood up to the bullies and started fighting back, which inspired all the little guys in the NFL.  Matty took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, which didn’t go so well, but now they are 10-1!.  Do you remember when the Seahawks decided that they had been running with the wrong crowd and went back to their original crew in the NFC?  I wonder what those knuckleheads back in the AFC West are up to these days?  They aren’t 10-1, I can tell you that.  Now, here we stand, a 12th Nation united.  Cheering our team to victory week after week.  The Seahawks are  all grown up, and what a job raising them the 12thman has done.

For two weeks in a row the offense seems to have been opened up.  Russell Wilson is taking shots down field, Marshawn is running with a fire in his eyes, the “Legion of Boom” is playing hard and aggressive when their coordinator lets them, and the boys are getting healthier.  I think Marshawn really, really, really likes having Mike Rob back.  The only lingering blows to the team right now are Brandon Browner’s groin injury, and Jermaine Kearse’s concussion.  Browner’s injury appears to be rather serious.  Although losing Browner for this stretch is painful, the Seahawks shouldn’t suffer much, because WT3 is ready to shoulder the load, and in WT3 I trust.  Go Walter!  The offensive line is back, which brings up an interesting point.  My brother pointed out last week that Michael Bowie went from starting to non active in a matter of one week.  That really makes me interested in finding out why, so if any of you 12s can drop some knowledge, it would be appreciated.  Giacomini is back in a starting position, and I had previously stated that I didn’t believe he should / would start again.  But, the O-line play over that stretch convinced me otherwise.  Giacomini is a bruiser and an enforcer on the right side, so as long as he can avoid the penalties he was so prone to earlier,  I will allow this to be.  Like my opinion matters. Go Frankomeenie!

The defense has looked much better for the better part of valor the past two weeks.  Alas, I am sick of Tawking about and trying to figure out why Quinn insists on soft zone and two deep coverage schemes.  That is all.

Seattle shook off another slow start against the Vikings, overcoming some terribly biased penalty calls, to hand Minnesota a solid loss.  Once Seattle figures out how to get the engine warm before kick off, they might just be unstoppable.  I do however wish to see the LOB continue their aggressive coverage.  I seriously get a kick out the frustration that the receivers show when they get their arses handed to them.  Go Legion!

The rest of the season is Seattle’s destiny, and they are holding the remote.  They host the Saints at home for the second of two Monday Night Football games this season.  Seattle can improve on their MNF record, of which is the best in the history of MNF by the way!  The next week they travel to Northern California to take on the 49ers in San Francisco.  Those two games will decide Seattle’s fate going into the playoffs.  I feel pretty confident in saying that I smell the “C-Link” advantage throughout and first round bye.  Seattle is playing with a confidence and resiliency that no other team has.  The Hawks haven’t even begun to play their best ball yet.  We have Tawked and Tawked about that all year, but it is true.  The nation has not seen the Seahawks at full throttle yet.  Hey ‘Murica, they make seat belts for a reason, so hold our beers and watch this!  Sorry, I went and got all Texas on you, my bad.  I wonder if Marshawn has another 67 yard Beast Mode in him?

The 12thman has been given short glimpses of a meteorite a few times this year.  His name is Christine Michael.  I am patiently waiting on his pass blocking and blitz pick-up to improve, because if he develops that part of his game he is going to light up some linebackers and safeties.  He is a mini-Marshawn, and I can’t wait to see him get more consistent action.

I am super excited about the Seahawks group of young receivers.  As much as I like Rice, I feel that the group currently being fielded has more upside, and are certainly more exciting to watch.  Tater and Dougie Fresh are proving their worth on a weekly basis, and Kearse is showing that he very well may have the chops to be a productive receiver in the NFL.  Hopefully they get Kearse back from concussion soon.  And what about Percy Harvin?  Have you ever seen a player have such an immediate impact on a game, with only a couple touches?  His presence commands coverage schemes, and frees up his battle buddies to do work.  When he does get his hands on the ball he is dynamic.  I get all tingly just thinking about what is to come.  Remember, that was just his warm up game.

That is all until next week, 12ers, but I wanted to leave you with a few nuggets to chew on, so here goes.

A group of 12ers using Reddit got their custom brick at the new San Fran stadium approved, so the 12thman has infiltrated the 49ers house.  There will be a constant reminder right there on their own door step.  I find this insanely satisfying.  Harbaby should have plenty to cry about when when he finally gets word.  He better be careful though, if any of his tears hit the brick, a 12thman tree might just sprout.

Another group of 12ers called Volume12, maybe you have heard of them, is hosting a benefit for an awesome cause.  The Battle in the Bowl for Baby Ellie is something you should know about already, but if not here it is.

Top Pot Doughnuts are making sure Golden Tate stays on the right side of the law.

Baldwin carried the Philippine flag onto the field before Sunday’s game to pay homage to his heritage and raise attention for relief efforts after typhoon Haiyan.

Walter Jones is a semifinalist for the Hall of Fame!  Go Pork Chop!

12thman now, 12thman forever, Go Hawks!