Seattle Seahawks Set To Defend Their Monday Night Football Record.


Welcome back Franko-meenie, I was wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving and Blue Friday 12ers.

The Seahawks are 10-1.  The Seahawks are the best team in the history of Monday Night Football.  Whew, I just had to get that out there!

My family and I are on the road in a little town called Pink, Oklahoma.  I am using my father-in-law Darryel’s  computer as we speak.  Sherry, Anna and I were lucky enough to get away from the hustle and bustle of my Army life, Paralegal life, and the ever stressful Harker Heights High School life for a few days to come spend Thansgiving with family, way out here in the country.  I am thankful for not only my family and friends, but also my brothers and sisters in arms who cannot be with their loved ones because they serving away from home in various regions of the world.  To all, I say, “Thank you.”

12ing and frying bird in Pink Oklahoma!

Over 30 pounds of bird saw the delicious sizzle of the boiling peanut oil yesterday.  The green bean casserole was in abundance, along with stuffing mashed Taters, roasted asparagus, Uncle Mike’s dry (no it wasn’t) ham, cranberry, beer, and of course , football.  Before it ended I had consumed a Soldier’s share of the goods along with half of a pumpkin pie.  Then came the coma.  Excellent times.

In a few days the 10-1 Seattle Seahawks take on the visiting Saints in the Clink on Monday Night Football.  There could be no better show-case for what may end up being the most important regular season game for Seattle this season.  The Saints will march into Seattle with a record almost as impressive as Seattle’s.  They will be attempting to knock Seattle down a notch and take Russell Wilson’s home record from perfect to not.  The Seattle Seahawk’s resiliency will be tested to it’s core.  I can’t wait.

I am hoping to see the following this coming Monday night:

1) Ground game gets going early and keeps New Orleans on their heals.

2)  Offensive line holds fast and provides Russell time to find Tater, Dougie Fresh, and JK open downfield.  I also hope that JK is back from concussion, or this won’t work.

3) Boo-boo gets many touches and is at least half as exciting as he was during his two in the last game.

4) 12 gets the record back and smashes the decibel mark, so that it might not ever be duplicated.

5) The Clink is registered on the richter scale and the few fans that New Orleans scrapes together  panic and run.

6) The Seahawks remain the best team in the history of Monday Night Football

This has been probably the toughest bye week in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.  Two players who are very important to the current state of the Seahawks, have been suspended for drug use.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that, “I agree with Tater, in that the actions of those two players was selfish, and it hurt the team.”  I won’t go further into detail because I am not a judge nor an executioner.  I am a fan, and right now the Hawks need 12’s to be bigger than ever.  The Hawks need 12’s to rise above in spirit and voice, waive their undying flag, and help elevate our team to victory.

Seattle signed Perrish Cox, to my chagrin, then waived him to my delight, and signed DeShawn Shead from the practice squad.  I am excited to see what Shead can do.  You should be too.  He is highly praised by the staff, plays safety and corner, and has been earning a roster salary on the practice squad.  In case someone hasn’t been paying attention, one thing that Carroll and Schneider do better than anyone is evaluate defensive backs and employ them accordingly.  If Pete says this kid is the real deal, then he is the real deal.  Welcome to the “Legion of Boom” DeShawn, here is to hoping that you are able to take advantage and be the next man up that we are hoping you may be.

On Monday night the 12th man will once again break the record for fan noise.  They will not try, they simply will.  Kansas City, bless their hearts, had to use prompts and 10,000 extra fans to beat our previous record by 1 decibel.  It is on.  That is all.

The bye week has allowed players to rest and get healthy at the right time.  The offensive line should be in well rested form, and the returning starters have now had an extra week to get back into game shape.  Percy Harvin got his feet wet, these sweet fleet feet.  Who else is excited to see what he has up his sleeve now that he is back?  The defense and offense had an extra week to scheme and plan for the upcoming challenge.  Although Seattle has not done well coming off the bye in years past, this years isn’t about the past.  In years past they couldn’t win on the road, they do now.  In years past they couldn’t win those nail biting close games, they do now.  In years past they couldn’t recover from costly turnovers and big mistakes, they can now.  The Seahawks will be ready.  Just watch.

The 12s worldwide have been organizing themselves with unheard of fervor.  Volume12 has dedicated a site to helping Seahawk fans around the globe organize and get together each week.  Another group called “Beast-Quake” is rallying the 12thman to stomp their feet during the game to see if they can reproduce the seismic reaction that occurred the last time the Saints came to town.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I suppose a safe


Blue Friday!  Go check out Richard Sherman’s site for some great deals on 12 gear.  And don’t forget to shake a Veteran’s hand and tell them thanks.  Until next week, 12thman now, 12thman forever, Go Hawks!