Seattle Seahawks: Hold Off Judgement and Embrace The Passion


Jan 19, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hoists the George Halas Trophy after the 2013 NFC Championship football game against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What a week! The newly crowned NFC Champs are your Seattle Seahawks! I couldn’t wait to hear the national media talk about this team with the praise they deserve. As it turned out, the only story the national media cared for was a rant from one Richard Sherman. An interview that lasted less than a minute trumped 60 minutes of championship football. The last 30 minutes were hard fought and how games of that magnitude should end. Yet, Sherman ends up with the attention, and not for his incredibly athletic play. It’s disappointing. It’s regrettable. It’s simply unfair. But, with all it’s frustration, I need to remember that Richard Sherman is passionate and incredibly talented. The Seahawks lose the game at Houston without his passion. The 49ers get one more play without his determination. So let the national media fixate on a chat with Erin Andrews. I will choose to watch the best corner in the NFL do his job with meaning and excitement.

A few things to ponder:

  • Peyton Manning is the quarterback Seattle wanted to face. All year the Seahawk D has wanted to show its talent on a big stage. I would have to say Denver’s offense in the Super Bowl is quite an opportunity.
  • Seattle and the 1990 Buffalo Bills have something special in common. Not one player on the roster has/had Super Bowl experience. Let’s hope that is the only thing they share!
  • Russell Wilson is the perfect example of how powerful our thoughts and goals can be when we follow through. He saw this trip to the Super Bowl as soon as he was drafted. Thank you Russell.
  • My prediction last week was Seattle 27-13 over the 49ers. It was obviously a typo, as the 7 and 3 were in the wrong place. I will make a prediction next week. I’ll be sure to be more careful.

Enjoy media week next week. Keep your thoughts positive!