Tomorrow is the Day 12ers! The hours are counting down.  The day is drawing near.  The Seattl..."/> Tomorrow is the Day 12ers! The hours are counting down.  The day is drawing near.  The Seattl..."/>

Super Bowl 2014: The Seattle Seahawks and the Super Bowl


Marshawn Lynch, a man of few words.

Tomorrow is the Day 12ers!

The hours are counting down.  The day is drawing near.  The Seattle Seahawks will take the grand stage Sunday evening in what should be the most entertaining Super Bowl this past decade.  The No. 1 defense takes on the No. 1 offense, prolific versus stifling.  There are so many key match ups, so many position battles, the entire field will be filled with skirmish.  Let’s Tawk Some Hawk.

Breaking News!  Richard Sherman is a marketing genius.  You all know the story, The throw, the tip, Smith intercepts the ball, Seattle wins.  But, did you catch the rest of the story?  Richard got pushed in his grill for telling Crabtree, “Helluva game, helluva game.”  Richard kindly greets Erin Andrews with hug, and after they exchange niceties, gives the most polarizing interview of the year.  The Nation erupts.  Social media sites are filled with hatred, racial slurs, uninformed and ignorant opinions, and generally showed that our nation is still full of very ugly, and worthless people.  That’s right, I said it, “The people who took an entertainers comments and took opportunity to spew racial hatred and ignorance for the whole world to see need to crawl back into their caves and quit stealing our oxygen.”  Moment after the completion of the immediate coverage a new commercial aired:

The commercial shows Sherman surrounded by reporters, standing in front of his locker, with a pair of headphones which were previously hated by the 12th man and women of Seattle for improperly depicting Seattle fans as ugly and abusive.  The questions being asked by the actors portraying the reporters include several references to the word, “Thug.”  Eventually Richard tires of the ignorant questions, puts his famously branded headphone on and turns away from the reporters, listening to the song that is famous because of the headphone brand.  If you think for a moment that all of this was coincidental, well, I say you need to open your eyes.  It just very well be the most ingenious marketing ploy by an athlete, ever.  He will never admit it, I am sure, nor will the marketing exec’s for “Beats by Dre'”, but it isn’t by accident.  You heard it here.

Richard Sherman, making legends one game at a time.

Richard Sherman is the darling of the Superbowl media this week, or is he?  At every turn, there are twice as many reporters stacked on top of each other in front of Sherman podiums, than other players.  He has been bombarded with a litany of questions covering everything from his play, his ranking among other corners, his mouth, and his regrets.  Richard Sherman has been well spoken, thoughtful and even cracked a few small jokes here and there.  But, Marshawn Lynch, in my opinion has been the real draw.  It seems that every single reporter has dreams of being the one that he finally opens up to.  Deion Sanders may have come the closest to achieving that.  I say let Marshawn do Marshawn, he speaks with his play, and I prefer it that way.   If a man does not want to Tawk about being a football player and would rather play football, who am I to argue?  As long as I am not the one tasked with trying to tackle him, I’m good.

The game itself, oh yeah, the game.  The LOB versus Manning’s minions, Peyton versus Wilson, Denver D versus Beast Mode and the Pedestrians, Moreno versus 11 Seahawks.  Denver’s offensive line versus Seattle’s pass rush, and Seattle’s offensive line versus Denver’s pass rush.  It is going to be an interesting game on so many levels.  Here is how I see it playing out.


1) The LOB is better than any defensive backfield Denver has faced this year.  The Denver receivers are good, in that they catch a lot of footballs.  Manning can get the ball out quick.  He will not wow anyone with big arm deep throws.  He will nickel and dime a defense to death. Welker, Decker and the Thomas’ are all crafty, dependable receivers.  Have they faced any team that is as physical, aggressive, and big as Seattle?  Has Welker had to go across the middle or settle in the flats with a player like Kam Chancellor waiting in the wings?  Has Denver’s big tight end ever been given a Bam Bam hug?  The answer is no, until Sunday evening.  I see Seattle’s defense slowing down the Denver passing game enough that they will have to go to ground.

2) Old vs. New.  Peyton put up ridiculous numbers this year, because he is awesome.  Russell Wilson did not, because he is awesome.  This will come down to who keeps better care of the football.  Based upon Seattle’s ability to take the ball away from opponents, Seattle wins this battle.

3) Can Denver slow down Marshawn Lynch?  Their run defense has shown to be tough this year.  I do believe they will be seeing some different looks, ones that they have not necessarily seen on tape, but that is irrelevant.  Seattle likes to pound the ball until the defense gets tired and makes a mistake.  It most certainly will be the same this week, with a twist.  Watch for Marshawn to get out in the flats a few times on read option play action type plays.  I can see Seattle using this to complicate the coverage schemes and take away the extra defender that Denver assigns to spy Russell Wilson.  Also look for Russell Wilson to have a few select designed runs early in the first quarter, which I see as a test of the assigned coverage by Denver.  Lynch’s ability to carry the rock is very important to Seattle’s success, and since Seattle is going to win, I do not see Denver slowing him down for long.  It may take until the third quarter, but eventually, Beast Mode is going to erupt.  Remember me when it happens.

4)  The pedestrian receivers for Seattle, oh those slackers.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  Dougie Fresh, Tater, JK, and oh ya that Harvin guy.  One of them is going to be big.  And that individual is going to have a cake walk, but we shall see who is pedestrian when the clock hits zero.  I say Baldwin….look for him all day.

5)  Seattle must contain Moreno.  If they can keep him from ever getting it going it will turn Denver into a one trick pony.  Granted, that pony is Manning, but it will allow them to put pressure from the ends, collapse the pocket and keep Manning from being able to settle and properly progress through the backfield.  Simple, stop Moreno, go after Manning.  I have faith that Bennett, Avril, Clemons and company will be introducing themselves to Mr. manning early, and often.

6) Seattle has the better pass rush at this particular point.  Denver’s pass rush will be hindered by Wilson’s mobility, which is something they haven’t really seen this year.  Seattle’s pass rush will be challenged with Manning’s ability to get the ball out quickly.  This is the battle I am really interested in seeing.  Whichever team stops the run, will be allowed the better opportunity to get after the passer.  The team that gets after the passer more effectively wins this battle.  Of course Seattle wins this battle, duh?

This is a special time of year for me.  My wife, daughter and I will all be rocking our Hawks gear for our annual Super Bowl get together with friends.  This years Super Bowl is Seattle’s for the taking.  We will be  located right here in Central Texas, whopping and hollering as loud as we can.  Tomorrow I will enjoy an ice cold 12th man pale ale, Thanks to my Uncle Jay.  That is right, I bet I am the only 12 in Texas with his very own six pack!  I will be surrounded by friends, and we will 12 the Seahawks to their first Superbowl victory. We will be repping the Hawks and doing our part to get the boys across the finish line.  All I want for my birthday is a Seattle Seahawk Superbowl victory.  Go be excellent Seahawks, in the words of the great philosopher, Money Lynch, “I’m all about that action Boss, you feel me?”

12thman now 12thman forever, Go hawks!