Seahawks News: Madden Curse Already Challenging Richard Sherman and L.O.B


As if repeating wasn’t going to be hard enough, now the Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks have added another challenge to the schedule; conquering the Madden Curse.

After all, the curse is getting older and the last couple years has been up against some interesting foes and new challenges. For the most part, the curse had the upper hand, but this is a different beast it’s facing now. Even if Sherman does have a down year or get injured somehow, the Seahawks are fundamentally built to overcome it.

However, curses aren’t what they are for no reason and if you are a 12 that believes in such things, you might be a little worried about a few developments in Seahawks’ camp thus far. Remember, this thing has made a habit of derailing careers. Peyton Hillis, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander and Vince Young haven’t been the same since gracing the cover. Ray Lewis suffered an injury while Calvin Johnson and Adrian Petersen suffered the team-dysfunction curse. After Drew Brees took the cover, the Saints became the first team to lose in the Playoffs to a team with a losing record. The Cards and Steelers were both a lot worse for a time after Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polumalu co-hosted the cover…

You get the point. But to win this one, this “curse” is gonna have to work extra hard and get all of L.O.B off it’s game, not just Sherman. What does it have in store? Again, if you believe in such things, there have already been signs that the Hawks could be doomed to the fates.

For example Earl Thomas is the ‘leading candidate’ to return punts. While he’s really excited to possibly get that opportunity, it’s not something I’m rooting for, just an added risk of injury as a target with the ball in his hands. There’s also Kam Chancellor’s hip surgery, and while everything seems on schedule there, when the curse gets involved, smooth recoveries and the like haven’t ever been the most sure thing.

Neither of those things directly involve Richard Sherman, but it’s a long offseason and perhaps the curse is just getting started. Or perhaps the bad luck for L.O.B is running its course early. Besides, the Seahawks are in the recent business of smacking bad luck and these curse-things in the teeth. Just ask the Broncos and Super Bowl XLVIII!