Police Find Car Thief Using Seattle Seahawks Hat


A hat.

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A Seattle Seahawks hat helped the police identify a car thief after a car chase last month. Yeah.

The driver was getting complaints about how recklessly he was driving, so the police responded to the several different calls.

They followed it until it crashed into a nearby fence. The passenger and the driver became track stars and ran away from the scene. The police started getting calls again about people running through their yards and what not.

Here’s where the hat comes in.

According to the Columbia Basin Herald, the police caught one guy and found a Seahawks hat in somebody’s yard with the name “Matt Low” written on the inside of the cap. Apparently, this Matt Low has been hijacking cars and selling stolen goods for a while now and the cops have been trying to capture him.

Matt Low was hiding in brush a couple yards away from the yard, according to police. He plead guilty this week to taking a motor vehicle without permission and was sentenced to about two years in jail. He has a long criminal history.

The passenger’s name was Scott Slenker, and he told the cops that Matt had picked him up on the ATV a couple hours earlier. He didn’t know it was stolen until Matt told him after they hit the fence.

I know right. Wow.