Richard Sherman, Phil Bates fist fight looked worse than it was


Some members of the Seahawks, including Richard Sherman and Phil Bates, were involved in a fist fight at Wednesday’s minicamp after a disagreement over the outcome of a play, according to multiple reports.

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But the short-lived fight probably wasn’t as big a deal as it is being made out to be.

The media took the scuffle and portrayed it as a straight-up brawl between teammates, which coincidentally happened the same day members of the Baltimore Ravens got into a fight.

However, after reading through a number of stories and sorting through the facts of the Seahawks battle, I get the feeling that the scuffle was really nothing to worry about at all.

Bruce Irvin didn’t think so either.

According to reporters who were at the scene, including’s Terry Blount, the scuffle broke out after Bryan Walters dove to make a catch in front of Earl Thomas down one of the sidelines.

Thomas apparently fell on top of Walters and offensive players were not happy.

Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin led the charge against Thomas and other defensive players, upset that the defense was playing too physical in a non-tackle scrimmage.

Walters was injured on the play, but it was unclear if he was injured before Thomas fell on him. Sherman and Bates ended up going at it heavily, grabbing each other and throwing punches to the head.

Harvin and Marshawn Lynch then worked to break up the “brawl” while Pete Carroll called for a stoppage in practice. You can watch a short video of the scuffle here.

The team met in the middle in the field and united after the engagement.

Bobby Wagner said Carroll didn’t make too big a deal of the scuffle.

"“He just told us we needed to regain our focus and remember why we’re out here. Things got a little out of hand, but it was a lot of fun. I loved it. It felt like a game out there. And I felt like the defense won today.”"

After the practice, Baldwin reportedly told Thomas he needed to have his “[butt] kicked.”

Everyone seems to have calmed down since then.

Sherman and Bates discussed why their mild disagreement occurred and it’s safe to say things will be back to normal on Thursday.

Teams get into scuffles with each other a lot more often than one would think, and the Seahawks are no different.

When passionate players see their tempers flare, small scuffles happen, though they are rarely cause for concern.

The Seahawks will be back to their usual selves when the season kicks off on Sept. 4 with the same common goal of defending their Super Bowl title.

At then end of the day, they have each other’s backs and have shown that they will be there for each other through the thick and thin. Sometimes tempers will flare, but as long as everything is under control as it was today, there is no cause for concern.

It will be back to business on Thursday.