Seahawks Super Bowl ring is classy, snazzy, perfect


The Seahawks received their Super Bowl rings on Thursday and they looked as elaborate and classy as the team who earned the right to wear them.

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Polished to a shine as bright as stars in the sky, the rings were awarded to members of the Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII-winning roster at a private party in Downtown Seattle.

When photos of the rings were released on Thursday night, we got to see how much symbolism from Seattle’s Super Bowl run was crammed into one piece of jewelry.

And boy, did it look great.

A nice touch of class, pizzazz, sparkle and beauty combined to accurately reflect the uniqueness of the ring, which is the first designed for the Seahawks franchise.

The number”12″ rightfully plays an important part of the ring and there are multiple allusions to the number on the jewelry:

The design of the ring “represents a distinctive tribute to this team, our fans, the Pacific Northwest and the Seahawks victory in Super Bowl XLVIII,” Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin said in a statement on Thursday.

The ring looked especially nice when it was actually on players, who wasted little time sharing their new bling with the social media world.

Richard Sherman posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: “We like nice things…. So let’s do it again.”

The rings also include the phrases “LEAVE NO DOUBT”, “24/7″, “SEA 43- DEN 8″ and “WHAT’S NEXT?” on the inside part of the ring.

On one side of the ring, which was designed by Tiffany & Co., is a nice skyline picture of Seattle behind the Lombardi Trophy.

On the other side, each player’s unique ring also includes their name and number, such as Russell Wilson‘s, which is shown below courtesy of the Seattle P-I.

Russell Wilson’s ring, courtesy of the Seattle P-I

The 16-3 number reflects Seattle’s final record. After finishing the season 13-3, they won three postseason games.

It seems as though the last few Super Bowl rings have had a lot of color to match the team who earned them.

Seattle instead went with more of a simple, classy, silver look with a hint of green and a bit of blue. The subtle touch of color works very well.

I think the rings look incredible.

The only thing missing is a few more Lombardi’s added to the backdrop, which Seattle will work on changing as they defend their title this year.

Otherwise, two big thumbs up!