Percy Harvin says father’s death, infant child will inspire him in 2014


Percy Harvin can play many roles on the field — he is a quick receiver, an athletic return man and an electric runner.

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He will be an integral part of the Seahawks offense in 2014 if he can stay healthy, but right now he is focusing on his many roles as a family man, and the many obstacles that bestow everyone in their personal life.

In an interview with Q13 FOX News earlier this week, Harvin revealed his inspiration for the upcoming season — the death of his father and the birth of his first child.

Harvin’s father, William Percival Harvin Jr., died of pancreatic cancer earlier this year and though Harvin has stated he never had a close relationship with him, he missed practice sessions with his teammates to attend his father’s services.

That was toward the end of an already hectic year for Harvin in which he was busy adjusting to being new to Seattle while dealing with a rough hip injury and becoming a father himself for the first time.

“I was battling that last year,” Harvin said in the interview. “Along with the injury, I had a baby all around the same [time], so things were just chaotic for me last year.”

But Harvin looks at how he handled everything and feels it will help inspire him to push through in 2014.

“All in all, last year helped me build tremendous character,” he said, “and I think I’ll be better for it going forward.”

And when it comes to being a dad for the first time, Harvin is working to adjust so he can be there for his family.

“My biggest thing is leaving work at work, said Harvin. “When I go home it’s just being a father. I think last year I took a lot of frustrations, from my hip and not practicing and not playing, I took it home and at times it didn’t make me the best boyfriend or maybe even the best dad.

“When I leave this building, [I need to] leave [work] here and go home and be dad and enjoy myself.”

In 2014, Harvin will be looking to enjoy himself on the field as well.

After playing in only one regular season game last season, Harvin is finally healthy and ready to contribute on what should be an explosive Seahawks offense.

The 26-year-old is expecting to be one of the Seahawks biggest weapons in the team’s quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

That quest will officially begin on Sept. 4 at CenturyLink Field when Seattle hosts the Green Bay Packers to kickoff the 2014 season.