Marshawn Lynch Won’t Talk to Reporters, But Don’t Call Him Camera-Shy


Well, an interesting development in the life of Marshawn Lynch is the fact that he’s not camera shy when it comes to showing off, just apparently if he has to talk into it.

So there it is, the body that causes earthquakes in Seattle. Happy now?

Back to the camera-shy rouse, truth be told, Marshawn really isn’t all that shy if you know anything about him, but you’d never know by just listening to his interviews. He simply isn’t a fan of reporters and their antics when it comes to feeding questions in a way that would portray him in a way he doesn’t want to be portrayed.

Of course the Seattle media would probably portray him in a positive light, but he’s not the most personable personality and might end up saying something that could get taken wrong, etc. Anyway, apparently when it comes to really getting down and dirty with the camera, Lynch is a natural, and I don’t just mean this Body Issue from ESPN.

There was an excellent piece on him and his Oakland background before the Super Bowl that really showed a vulnerable side of Beast Mode. Kind of that piece that shows you everybody has a story and teaches you before you judge them to take a look at their background and such. Just good stuff.

Something else I had to add was this upcoming, awesome tweet with perhaps the best Marshawn Lynch quote ever.

Ok Marshawn, stick to the gridiron my friend, cause you’re challenging a world-record holder there. In the water Michael Phelps is very much like Lynch is on the field, that would be ugly. Meanwhile, pretty sure even without pads that there aren’t many football players that want any part of that bod running them over. I think all the guys will be happy to see him back on the field in them though…

I won’t speak for the ladies. Put a football game on and man do they scatter, but throw a football player onto the set without clothes and the women flock. Facebook was all sorts of crazy after these photos came up.