Richard Sherman highest-ranked Seahawk on NFL’s ‘Top 100’


Richard Sherman is the best player on the Seahawks, or so says

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Sherman was ranked as the No. 7 top player in the NFL on the NFL’s annual “Top 100 Players” list topping four other Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch (No. 14), Earl Thomas (No. 17), Russell Wilson (No. 20), and Kam Chancellor (No. 65).

Sherman was also the highest-ranked corner back, well ahead of Patrick Peterson (No. 22) and Darrelle Revis (No. 37).

Players had a chance to speak on Sherman’s abilities on the field and why he was justified as one of the Top-10 players in the NFL.

“That Stanford education not only helps him off the field, but he uses it on the field,” said Sherman’s former teammate Michael Robinson. “He’s so smart…he can tell exactly what you’re gonna do.”

Though Sherman is known around the league for running his mouth, he has proven that he is one of the most productive defensive players in the NFL.

Sherman’s feature video in the No. 7 spot said it best: “Numbers don’t lie.”

Last season, Sherman recorded 48 tackles and picked off a league-high eight passes, one of which he returned for a touchdown.

“He’s definitely got an attitude that represents us.” -Malcolm Smith

“He talks and he backs it up,” said Pittsburgh Steelers corner Ike Taylor.

“He’s awesome with words,” teammate Malcolm Smith said. “He’s eloquent, he speaks well and he delivers it the way some people might not be able to.”

Smith also said Sherman has “an attitude that represents us.”

“Richard’s known for his ability to vocalize,” said Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. “It makes it fun. I think a lot of guys enjoy that. You see [with] some guys that it gets on their nerves…but guy’s like [Sherman] are pretty fun to play.”

Last year, Sherman was ranked No. 50 on the NFL’s “Top 100,” and his jump of 43 spots was one of the largest on the list.

And in case you were wondering, Peyton Manning was listed as the top player in the league.