Seahawks 2014 Season Preview: Ranking Packers, Chargers, Broncos Matchups


The Seattle Seahawks are closing in on their August 7 preseason kickoff with the Denver Broncos, a prelude for an incredible Super Bowl rematch in week 3. After that it all goes very quickly as we discuss performances, who will stay and who will go, surprises and more. So I figured now would be a good time to discuss the Seahawks 2014 schedule.

Since there are so many games, ranking 1 through 16 is just silly. Instead let’s rank the games in groups by referencing their difficulty, today I want to rank the first three games of the 2014 season. I wanted to do something fun with this scale, so from lowest to highest the level of difficulty bar will look like this; REGULAR SEASON, PRIME TIME, PLAYOFF, CHAMPIONSHIP and SUPER BOWL.



What an opening week matchup between the Pack and the Hawks. We really don’t need to talk much about this matchup. While the team has said they are over it and have forgotten, Packers fans and the players that were a part of the play are still mad about the Fail Mary that happened at C-link a couple years ago.

Green Bay feels like they got gypped (maybe they did but you won’t convince the 12’s, especially those attending the game) and you can bet they will be out to prove something, along with trying to make sure it doesn’t come down to Russell Wilson tossing one into the end zone against them. This could also be a preview of what would amount to a terrific Playoff matchup at the end of the season.

The fans back at Century Link for the first time since the team won the Super Bowl, a growing rivalry with the Pack and a riled up Green Bay team. The Tensions will be high.


Difficulty – PLAYOFF

The game at San Diego won’t be the emotional experience that the opening game will be, but it won’t be easy going to Qualcomm and coming out on top. The Super Chargers are fresh off of a Divisional Playoff run and will be out to prove something to themselves. The Hawks should get by this one by taking over in the late stages of the 3rd quarter defensively, but the Chargers are capable of scoring some points and making it even more interesting than that.


Difficulty – SUPER BOWL

It just doesn’t get any more complicated for Denver than getting blown off the field in the Super Bowl, then turning around and having to go into Seattle in week 3. There won’t be any love lost though, as the Broncos were simply embarrassed and have pulled out all the stops this offseason to not just get better, but to become Super Bowl Champions. John Elway’s crew is in ‘win now’ mode and Peyton will be focused. Still, if the Broncos thought the Super Bowl was loud…