Bobby Wagner Sounds Off On “Scary” Seahawks Defense


The Seahawks are still not a full offseason removed from the drubbing of Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII and their leader is putting bulletin board material up for the entire league, challenging all comers along the way.

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Bobby Wagner (Seattle’s leading tackler with 120 to go along with 5 sacks and 2 ints) graced ESPN’s First Take for the Seahawks earlier Tuesday, took the setup from Steven A. Smith and ran. First, Smith was pretty harsh on Denver.

"I’ve lost… I’m not gonna lie, I’ma say it on national tv I don’t give a damn… I have lost ALL respect for the Denver Broncos, because I didn’t just see a team that just lost to a superior team. I saw a bunch of dudes that looked petrified against ya’ll in that Super Bowl. They looked straight up scared. Am I wrong?"

Wagner wasn’t shy about the subject answering the question bluntly and confidently.

"Nah, you’re not wrong. They looked scared out there. Nobody wanted to catch the ball, nobody wanted to come across the middle… that first hit, Kam (Chancellor) smacked him. You didn’t really see too many balls caught across the middle if there was (any). They were very timid. That really says a lot about our defense.If you look back to preseason, we blew them out both games. It doesn’t matter who’s on the field, whether it’s the starters or the backups, our team is good. If you’re not starting on our team, somebody wants to take you to start on our team so that just tells you how much depth we got."

When asked about the personnel losses this offseason, Wags said “we got WAY better this offseason because we all so young. Even Russell (Wilson) is still getting better.”

To me, the Seahawks’ defense right now as a unit is like Muhammad Ali in his prime. They’ll talk the talk and they fully intend on backing it up, not to mention they have the talent to “cash the checks they’re mouths are making”, so to speak. Whether they will be able to or not for a second straight year remains to be seen and it won’t be easy, but it’s interesting that none of them are afraid of ticking somebody off on national TV, or Twitter, or whatever avenue they are given.

That’s how they got here. That’s how they intend to stay. Go Hawks!