What a Welcome (Screen): LOB Will Grace Madden 15 After All!


For all the individual accolades that Richard Sherman is constantly receiving, one thing should be clear about him; he’s all about his teammates.

Whether it’s buying the entire Seattle Seahawks squad $2,500 Beats by Dre headphones as Super Bowl gifts after the rant heard round the world, or petitioning for his unit to be on the Madden cover with him after winning the fan cover vote, Sherman isn’t afraid to share the credit, or the glory.

And so it is that Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Byron Maxwell will make Madden 15 in a prominent role beyond the gameplay. EA Sports addressed the 12th Man directly yesterday (something EA is generally reluctant to do with their fans but seems to be changing their stance on), giving us the good news:

"Now the good news! We wanted to give the LOB their just due, and do it in a way that was special—a way where millions of fans would see it every single day, just like a cover. Historically, the start screen in Madden (and all our EA SPORTS games) has featured our cover art. This year, we’re going to feature the entire Legion of Boom on the welcome screen. One of the major areas of focus for Madden NFL 15 is defense, and what better way to introduce you to the game than with the guys who are changing the face of defense in the NFL.12th Man – We love your passion for your team, its players, and of course, Madden! We’re committed to continuing this open dialogue about everything we do. Our fans have made Madden what it’s become, and your input will continue to shape where we take the franchise in the future."

The screenshot (seen HERE along with the rest of the 12th Man address from EA describing why they couldn’t do a cover of the unit) isn’t the four players together in any one perfect photo, but instead a cool little mash-up of the foursome in action and all in home-blue. Also on the cover is the twitter hashtag for the legion, “#LOB” on a Seahawks-green background strip.

So, Seattle faithful, once again the loudest fans in the world put in the work and got a desired result. We’ve been waiting for our Seahawks to dominate the Madden art for years and finally we can all live that dream. There’s no doubt where the best NFL fans reside and there’s no doubt who the best secondary in the game is for the next year as LOB pops up on the screen every time any user turns the game on.

What could be better?