“Young” Seahawks Already Had Sights and Goals Set Past Super Bowl Win


Former Seattle Seahawks’ fullback Michael Robinson recently went all-in against the youth movement that’s continuing to happen in the Northwest under the watchful eyes of Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

Perhaps he’s a little bummed about not being brought back, perhaps he had a moment of bitter weakness or perhaps he didn’t mean it as harshly as it came across. Either way, he threw his quarterback, the best safety in the league, one of the best running backs in the league and a horde of other former teammates (all Super Bowl champions) under the bus when he said this:

"“My question for the Seahawks this year is…there’s a lot of young guys in that locker room with new money. When issues come up in the locker room, who is the veteran that settles it? I mean, last year you had guys like Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, myself that they can rely on.”"

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I guess that’s a legitimate question if the guys I just mentioned had left this team for more money elsewhere and the Hawks were to be reconstructed, but the core returns. Perhaps he was referring to the contract dispute with Marshawn Lynch? Anybody who knows Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett know that the money won’t change their focus. It certainly didn’t change the focus of Kam Chancellor and Percy Harvin the year before. Nor will it change Russell Wilson a year from now.

They all have one thing in common and it was like this before the big game even took place; they don’t just want to be the best for a season, or two, or three. They want to build a legacy of greatness in Seattle. They each want to be among the best that ever played the game for a team that used to be the punching bag of the NFL. You could see it in their eyes after the Super Bowl victory, it wasn’t enough.

I have a feeling they want to be better than making it into the Super Bowl on a game-winning defensive tip-pick. They want to dominate from start to finish.

This team will find the necessary leadership to get it done. You could even argue that the real leaders never actually left, no offense to M-Rob. The guy was a great leader in his own right and a terrific Seahawk!