2014 All-NFC West Team: Full Roster


With the 2014 season just around the corner, the editors of FanSided NFL decided to discuss who the best players in each division are and which NFL division would have the best All-Star roster.

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To accomplish this, FanSided NFL’s 32 websites divided into different groups, based on the division the team is covering.

The editors of 12th Man Rising worked with the editors of Ramblin’ FanNiner Noise and Raising Zona to compile the 2014 All-NFC West team.

We have been working this week to reveal each position player on our roster, but now it’s time to reveal the entire roster.

The full All-NFC West team is below:


QB — Russell WilsonSeahawks

RB — Marshawn LynchSeahawks

WR1 — Larry FitzgeraldCardinals

WR2 — Michael Crabtree, 49ers

WR3 — Percy HarvinSeahawks

TE — Vernon Davis49ers

OT1 — Joe Staley49ers

G1 — Greg Robinson, Rams

C — Max UngerSeahawks

G2 — Mike Iupati49ers

OT2 — Russell OkungSeahawks


DE1 — Robert QuinnRams

DT1 — Darnell DockettCardinals

DT2 — Aaron DonaldRams

DE2 — Michael BennettSeahawks

OLB1 — Aldon Smith49ers

MLB — Patrick Willis49ers

OLB2 — NaVorro Bowman49ers

CB1 — Richard ShermanSeahawks

FS — Earl ThomasSeahawks

SS — Kam ChancellorSeahawks

CB2 — Patrick Peterson, Cardinals

Here is a table to show how each team in the NFC West was represented on our All-Star team:

[table id=7 /]

Our colleagues at NFL Spin Zone have started a vote to see which division would win a head-to-head battle.

The NFC West’s first matchup is against the NFC North, which included big-time names like Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Jared Allen, Clay Matthews and Charles Tillman.

Think the NFC West could beat that team?

You can cast your vote on their website.

And do you disagree with any of our selections as representatives of the NFC West? Let us know in the comments section!