Seahawks Preseason Prediction: Final 53-Man Roster – Quarterbacks


Seattle Seahawks training camp is starting up, and it’s time that we start thinking about who will end up on the team after the Seahawks preseason games are all over. That’s right, it’s prediction time!

Let’s begin with the quarterbacks. We know that Keith Price was cut about a month ago, leaving four QBs on the roster. Last season the Hawks only kept two on the roster and there may not be enough room to make a change in this number. Who makes it?

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Starter: Russell Wilson

Obviously DangeRuss is the man for the foreseeable future. He is in fact, the least expendable player on the Seattle team, so there’s really not much to say about it.

Backup(s): Tarvaris Jackson

Jackson is still the best backup option on the Seattle roster, despite the athletic and cheap addition of Terrelle Pryor to the roster. With his fe-signing earlier this Spring, it was apparent that Seattle remains serious about competing for championships in the future.

Jackson is not a long-term solution to the position at backup, partially because he’s over-priced (he’s worth it but the Hawks won’t have room for his future contract) and partially because he’s a little bit older. However he knows the offense as well as Wilson and if something were to happen the Seahawks could still contend with him.

Practice Squad: Terrelle Pryor

Pryor was brought in to compete for the backup position, but I believe he was more brought in for the future. The timing was perfect as well, because the Hawks can put him on waivers and other NFL teams will steer clear of his expiring contract, which was already a point of contention in his trading. Then the Hawks can relegate him to the practice squad and develop his skills and knowledge of the offense throughout the season so that he can be ready to re-sign as a young, long-term backup option in Seattle in 2015.

Cut: B.J. Daniels

Daniels is a decent future backup option but he doesn’t make the cut after Pryor was signed. I’m not sure if any other teams will take a chance on him, but I know he won’t be there in Seattle once the dust settles.