Seahawks to sign Morrell Presley, 13th receiver on 90-man roster


After Sidney Rice suddenly retired from the NFL on Wednesday, a spot on the Seahawks training camp roster opened up.

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Multiple reports are indicating that the Seahawks are going to fill that spot by signing Morrell Presley, a 6-foot-3 receiver from Division II California (Pa.).

Presley spent time with Seattle earlier this offseason as a tryout player at minicamp and he is expected to participate in training camp.

The Seahawks have 13 receivers on their 90-man training camp roster:

Presley stands apart from a few of these wideouts because of his size.

He is the second-tallest receiver of the group, three inches shorter than the 6-foot-5 Matthews, which gives both of them an advantage as potential red-zone targets.

Presley was an All-American tight end in high school and played two seasons at UCLA.

His success never ran parallel to his potential and there is a chance he could be a competitor in training camp.

The Seahawks know their top three receivers will be Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse, but the rest of the receiving corp is up for grabs.

Training camp officially begins Friday for the Seahawks, according to their website. And if you can believe it, their first preseason game is just two weeks away.

Seahawks football is back!