Dave Dameshek Boldly Predicts Full Season for Percy Harvin, Which is Good for Seahawks


Dave Dameshek has become a very popular NFL analyst, crazy as some of his semantics are on the Dave Dameshek Show, he represents a different side of the league’s analyzing.

However he was very serious on NFL Now late Thursday evening when talking about the outlook of the 2014 Seahawks.

"As a football fan I would like to see Percy Harvin available for a full regular season on the Seattle Seahawks. You know how good they were in 2013 when Harvin wasn’t out on the field until the very end of the season…If you think about him doing that in the return game, if he’s contributing points in the third phase of the game, the Seahawks go from mighty Super Bowl contenders once again to… prohibitive favorites, perhaps"

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He can define the chase for the Super Bowl

No doubt the Seahawks could take it up a notch (even to the next level offensively) if Percy Harvin can stay healthy for even a majority of the season. As we saw in the Super Bowl and even before that when he was able to play, he has worked very hard to not have taken a step back.

He is as electric an athlete as ever and hasn’t lost a step in the process of recovering from some grueling and career defining injuries to this point.

Dameshek wasn’t done though, he had more to say about where Harvin fits in, in the chase for the NFC crown:

"You think about Percy Harvin, if you put him into the mix there in Seattle on a consistent basis. If you get a full, healthy season out of him, a dynamic play-maker like that, he can define the chase for the Super Bowl more than any free agent acquisition, any high round draft pick in the NFC…"

With news of Sidney Rice’s retirement coming to light a couple of days ago, it would be a crucial boost if Harvin could really be available this upcoming season. We already know the Hawks can be good without him, but it wasn’t until he was in the lineup that they were mostly unstoppable last season.

12s are excited about the prospects of one of the Super Bowl heroes from last season being ready to go every week. Oh yeah, and he’s become one of the favorites in the locker room already, so he would also be a morale boost for the team!