Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman: Living Up to a Standard of Chasing a Different Bar


Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman can individually fascinate you when they are talking, and they’re better when they’re together.

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Rich Eisen was up at Seahawks’ training camp to open up the preseason and talk to the key players and coach Pete Carroll. When Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman stepped up to the mic, there was no lack of confidence and swagger.

At one point during the interview Eisen was a little blown away by the comment by Thomas that the Super Bowl “just felt like a regular game.”

"Eisen: “REALLY?!”Thomas: “Yeah… I was caught up in the moment of ‘we won the Super Bowl’ but it didn’t wow me like it did everybody else I guess. Like, we were supposed to do that, to me. You know, if you are who you say you are.”Sherman: “And that’s how we feel. That’s the confidence and that’s the work ethic. Everybody goes out here and puts a hundred and ten on the field. Every game’s a championship opportunity. It was just our last championship opportunity that happened to culminate the whole deal.”"

Thomas earlier in the interview talked about the fact that he’s always thought he was a champion, pointing out nothing is going to change in the way he approaches this season or any other aspect of his game. Sherman then chimed in again, talking about each member of LOB taking their game to the next level doing things the right way and continuing to reach higher.

"Us on the back end, we have a standard. Everybody lives up to the standard, so we don’t really pay attention to what other people think or where other people place us. We always feel like we’re the best…That’s where we’re at. We set the bar for ourselves and we go chase it. They can put everybody else wherever they want ’em, but we’re chasing a different bar."

Hopefully that ‘bar’ has a REPEAT banner hanging on it.

[source: Seahawks.com]