Why Marshawn Lynch will be ‘all ’bout that action’ this season


Marshawn Lynch will be in the Seahawks backfield to start the season! Though both sides are seemingly digging in, I think they both know that they need each other, and owe each other a certain amount of gratitude.

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Marshawn epitomizes the type of runner the Hawks want. Their ball-control game plan demands a grinder, and Lynch is probably the biggest grinder in the league. He is a downhill runner who seldom gets stopped for a loss, and takes care of the ball.

His punishing running style wears down defenses and what start out as short gains, get progressively longer as the game goes on, until he finally breaks off a big one. Most impressively, the big ones often come in the biggest games when the Hawks need it most.

Amazingly, he has been remarkably dependable despite the physical pounding, which is a tremendous luxury for the Seahawks. He has missed only one game over the last three years.

The Hawks present the best fit for Marshawn, as well. Their run-heavy offensive scheme provides Lynch with the volume he needs to wear down the defenses and ultimately pick up the big numbers. Obviously, the Seahawks have surrounded Lynch with the talent necessary to win a title, and, hopefully more.

“Marshawn Lynch embodies everything that the Seattle Seahawks want to be. He is tough as nails, relentless, and ‘ALL ABOUT THAT ACTION’!” -Demian Raymond

Further, he plays for a very “player friendly” coach, and an organization that lets Marshawn be Marshawn. Not to mention, he plays in front of a home crowd that has produced earthquakes cheering for him, and showers him with Skittles, in appreciation.

As for his contract, it was amongst the top in the league for running backs at the time, and is still top five.

I think they will find a way to get this done. However, I don’t see Marshawn getting more money. Instead, I think they will agree to restructure his contract in a way that it further front-loads the remaining amount.

Ultimately, given the way the new CBA penalizes such holdouts, we should know within the next week how real the risk of Beast Mode not being further showered in Skittles by the 12th man at “THE CLINK” is.

(Fingers crossed)