Percy Harvin: Seahawks as a whole are ‘very dangerous’


At this time last year, Percy Harvin was working with doctors on a hip injury that required an intense surgery and would end up taking most of the 2013 season to heal properly.

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But this year, Harvin is injury-free and excited to be participating in his first training camp as a Seahawk.

Speaking to the media after training camp opened on Friday, Harvin expressed his awe in the Seahawks front office, and credited them for making Seattle into the “very dangerous” monster that it is today.

“Hats off to this whole organization,” Harvin said in his press conference. “The scouting department, coach Carroll and those guys. The last couple of years, they have been drafting this roster to get it to where it’s at today.”

Where it’s at today is in preparations to defend the franchise’s only Super Bowl title — and Harvin knows the team has a great shot to do it.

“Whether it’s linebackers, DBs, receivers, running backs, we’ve got depth at all positions and I think that’s what makes this team very dangerous,” Harvin said.

“We’ve got depth at all positions and I think that’s what makes this team very dangerous.” -Percy Harvin

Harvin wasn’t able to contribute to the Seahawks Super Bowl run last year as much as he wanted to, playing in only one regular season game, and one and a half postseason games.

Injuries kept him on the sideline as he watched his new teammates dominate the NFC throughout the year.

Harvin explained that Seattle’s dominance spurns from their attitude on the field — every game is the most important of the season.

“We [play] each game as a championship game,” he said. “That’s what’s so neat to be around this place.”

Harvin’s contract will keep him in the Emerald City until 2019 and it’s great to see he has bought into the Seahawks mantra of taking everything one step at a time.

“We’re about this practice [today] and when tomorrow comes, we’ll worry about tomorrow’s practice,” he said.

Seattle is a quarter of the way through their 12 scheduled camp sessions, the last of which is to be held on Aug. 12.

The Seahawks first preseason game will be at Sports Authority Field against the Denver Broncos on Aug. 7.