Anthony McCoy tears other Achilles, only major Seahawks injury


The Seattle Seahawks have been fairly healthy this offseason, as players have really only need a few surgeries to “clean up” old injuries, but nothing has been too serious.

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Unfortunately, the Seahawks took a major blow on Tuesday when Anthony McCoy, the team’s fifth-year tight end, tore his right Achilles after tearing his left one last offseason.

During Tuesday’s training camp drills, McCoy reportedly collapsed during team drills and laid face down for several minutes before being cartered off the field.

Head coach Pete Carroll believed it was serious after it happened and spoke about the injury after Tuesday’s camp, per Pro Football Talk:

"“Early indications are he hurt his other Achilles,” Carroll said. “If it is what they think it is, it’s just a real heartbreaker. He worked so hard to get back and all. If it was the same Achilles you might understand it but we think it’s the other one. So we’ll see what happens.”"

It’s now being confirmed, however, that McCoy’s worst hopes have come true — his right Achilles tendon is torn and the recovery will likely require him to miss the entire season, just like last year. reported that a source told Ian Rapoport that the injury is confirmed.

Now the Seahawks have an interesting dilemma ahead of them.

They were originally hoping McCoy could serve as Zach Miller‘s backup, but now that role will probably belong to Luke Willson, like last year.

Do the Seahawks go with these two to take over the tight end duties this season or do they try to sign Jermichael Finley or another veteran tight end?

They also have newly-signed Morrell Presley on the roster. He was originally expected to compete as a wide receiver on the team, but he was an All-American tight end in high school so he could try out there as well.

Thankfully, McCoy’s injury is the only serious one the Seahawks have endured thus far. Let’s hope everyone else can stay healthy and the McCoy can return healthy and ready to go in 2015.