Seahawks vs. Broncos (Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders): An Old AFC West Rivalry Renewed


It’s been awhile since the Seattle Seahawks truly “hated” anyone from the AFC West, likewise for the conference that houses the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs to have animosity toward Seattle.

Remember those days when the Hawks used to have that appreciation for their AFC mates? Thanks to the Broncos getting rocked by Seattle twice last season, along with a few choice words from Kevin Vickerson to the media within the past day or so… It’s baaaaaack!

And it’s just how I remember it!


OK, so the whole conference doesn’t hate Seattle, not yet anyway. But the Raiders have garnered the honor of being the Hawks’ whipping-post every preseason and this year the Bolts join the Broncs and “Raidaaas” in preseason/regular season double-duty action. On top of that the Chiefs will get Seattle in week 11, which means the entire Western Conference will get their shot at shutting Seattle up this season.

Problem is, the Broncos are clearly the front-runners to be able to challenge the defending champs and we all know how far the gap was going into the offseason; 43-8.

Still, it doesn’t figure to be easy to go undefeated if you’re a Hawks fan. Three of the four teams are Playoff-caliber squads and Seattle will have to navigate through Qualcomm and then take on one of the toughest crowds in the league at Arrowhead. In fact Seattle and KC have been battling for the title of “loudest outdoor stadium” for a little over a year now, so that should be fun. It’s a little different when the crowd is against you and jeering your every move.

So the Seahawks and their old mates from the AFC will be hooking up for some rivalry-intensive matchups this season. Can’t wait to kick it off.