Madden NFL 15 ratings: Richard Sherman is the best player in the game — literally


Richard Sherman has long said he is the best corner in the game, but EA Sports is going one step further by saying he is the best overall player in the game.

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In their latest video game, Madden NFL 15, EA gave Sherman the ultimate player rating — a 99 OVR that makes him one of the most highly coveted players in the video game.

No player has a 100 OVR, but Sherman is tied with Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson and Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt with the 99 overall rating.

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson were both given a 98 OVR, the next-highest rating of any players in the game.

Sherman, it should be noted, is also on the cover of the video game, an honor he accepted after fans voted for him to be the poster-boy of the franchise’s latest release.

EA Sports took careful consideration when it came to rating Sherman, and this was their statement defending his high OVR:

"The Madden NFL 15 cover athlete is the top-ranked CB in each of the following categories: Strength (72), Catching (82), and Man Coverage (98). He’s also ranked second in Zone Coverage (96), AWR (94), AGI (96), Play Rec (95), and Jumping (98). Now do you see why he is rated 99 overall?"

The next highest-rated corner is the New England Patriots’ Darrelle Revis, who has a 97 OVR.

Sherman is obviously the highest-rated Seahawk, but some of his teammates weren’t rated much lower than he was.

Marshawn Lynch was given a 95 OVR, fifth best for a running back in the game, and Russell Wilson was given a 93 OVR, tied for fourth-best among the games’ quarterbacks.

The Seahawks are expected to be one of the highest-rated overall teams in the game, but their official team rating has not yet been revealed.

We do know that now Richard Sherman has proof that he is the best corner in the game.

At least EA Sports agrees with Seahawks fans.