Marshawn Lynch holdout over: Discussions and Analysis


There is no doubt that Marshawn Lynch is one of the best running backs in the National Football League.

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However, the Seattle Seahawks running back recently decided to not participate in the Seahawks training camp due to a demand for a new contract, but this holdout did not last long as Lynch reported to training camp on Thursday.

Despite the fact that Lynch failed to obtain a new contract from the Seahawks, he is going to receive some financial concessions in his contract, according to

Moreover, these concessions will provide Lynch a higher base salary to him this year, according to

Before the holdout, Lynch was supposed to make $5 million base salary in 2014, and later on, he would grab another $1 million in terms of a $500,000 roster bonus for hitting the 1,500 yard mark.

Lynch is now guaranteed $6 million.

The Seahawks are going to take $500,000 of his 2015 bonus, and give it to him in 2014. Therefore, Lynch can now make up to $7.5 million in 2015, but will count $9 million against the salary cap.

Now the question is whether the Seahawks will hold onto him, or make 2015 his last season, especially on a roster that has talented running backs such as Robert Turbin and Christine Michael who are counted on as a back up for running back spot.

Lynch missed a total of eight days of the training camp, and the team was permitted to fine Lynch approximately $30,000 per day for the first six days, and after that, he was fined $60,000 for each missed day. Furthermore, the team also had the ability to fine Lynch up to 15 percent of his bonus after missing the six consecutive days.

I believe, the Seahawks do not want to create any contract based issues or any types of disagreements with Lynch, since he means a lot to the team and was one of the main keys for bringing success to the Seahawks.

That being said, as long as there are no disagreements left anymore between Lynch and the Seahawks, then no negative impact is going to take place on the team. In the meantime, Lynch will rest for a week, and complete filming his movie, “Family First.”