Seahawks voted ‘most hated’ NFL team in 3 states


The Seattle Seahawks are on top of the football world right now, loved by the Pacific Northwest but hated in other parts of the country.

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That’s what happens when a team becomes relevant in the eyes of the fan.

However, a recent poll by a Reddit user revealed something interesting — the Seahawks were voted the “most hated” team in only three of America’s 50 states:

California, Nevada and Utah fans said the Seahawks are their least favorite team in the NFL:

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Seahawks fans have to love how the entire Pacific Northwest voted the San Francisco 49ers as their “most hated” team.

I thought it was interesting that Arizona hates the Pittsburgh Steelers so much, but then I remembered the Steelers robbed the Cardinals of a Super Bowl title in 2008.

Cowboys fans voted strongly against the Eagles, although I thought they might hate the New York Giants more.

NFL rivalries look like they played a huge part in this poll and rightfully so — I don’t know if Seahawks fans hate a team more than the 49ers.

But these rivalries are what make football games so great.

Watching rivalry games, especially when both teams have a lot on the line, make the game 10 times more intense.

The Seahawks will play their biggest rival, the 49ers, on Thanksgiving night and on Dec. 14, and with the games that late in the season, there could be a lot riding on those games.

Seattle’s first preseason game is on Thursday against the Broncos and Kickoff 2014 is in one month, on Sept. 4.

Football is finally back!