Seahawks at Broncos Preseason: Hawk Tawk LIVE Commentary, Mini-Gamecast, Photo Gallery


Welcome to Game Day here on 12th Man Rising! This year we are going to try a little something different for our fans to be able to stay connected to us DURING THE GAME!

The Seattle Seahawks are at Denver for a preseason rematch of the Super Bowl tonight at 6:00 pm EST. You can check in with us regularly tonight as we keep you updated on all the juicy details as the game unfolds. Photos, a mini-gamecast and best of all our thoughts on what’s happening, who’s impressing, who’s disappointing and more!

Thanks for following 12thMR tonight and on future Game Days from the Great Northwest!


6:35 – Apologies for not having any updates yet, working to get a feed of the game. Our usual feed is unavailable at the moment…

Its the start of the 3rd quarter, lets go Hawks.. we’ve got 2 quarters left! Let’s get the win!

Juwan Thompson gets blasted out of bounds and he’s down for a bit, but eventually pops up. They take a TV break to get him together, its still 10-7 Seattle with 11:09 in the 3rd Quarter.

Broncos Gibbs goes up the middle for a 3 yard touchdown and the Broncos regain the lead 14-10 with 10:01 left in the 3rd Quarter.

Broncos announce that RB C.J. Anderson ruled out for the rest the game vs Seahawks with concussion

Terrell Pryor makes his debut with a short pass to the left side, then a 6 yard rushing gain up the middle.

Pyror is off and on right now, he’s got to do way better than this if he wants a spot on the team!

Kicker S.Hauschka sends the football 40 yards to the field goal and it’s GOOD

SEA 13 DEN 14 4:04 in the 3rd

So far the SEA QBs are looking pretty good with Jackson leading the bunch with 47 passing  yards. And it looks like, just from the one game, Pryor is going to be more of a rushing QB

The first turnover of the game is from the opponent! Broncos Osweiler lobs a deep left pass intended for Bibbs BUT it was INTERCEPTED by SEA Jefferson at the DEN 35. Jefferson go to the DEN 24 for 11 yards!

We open the 4th quarter with the Broncos still on top with a 1 point lead. DEN 14 SEA 13

Seattle takes the lead with Hauschka’s 22 yard field goal. It’s 11:22 to go in the 4th and the hawks are hanging in there.

Marsh, a rookie to watch, makes the play to push the bronco RB back 4 yards. This guy is going to be great!!

Broncos QB Osweiler throws a deep pass to the right to Norwood for 34 yards and he runs through a tackle for a touchdown. The lead is back in Denver’s hand with a 5 point lead ; DEN 21 SEA 16 7:22 left in the 4th. It’s still a game.

Denver takes their 1st timeout of the half with 2:54 left in the 4th. Pryor has brought the Seahawks to their red zone.

Pryor’s pass that was  intended for Lockette gets INTERCEPTED by Broncos Johnson at the DEN -2. Broncos ball with 2:30 left in the 4th.

Seattle’s 9 preseason game winning streak is on the line as Carroll takes his last timeout.

And so the streak ends, its back to the practice field for the Seattle Seahawks to improve. These games don’t matter… but they matter. We’ve got 3 weeks until the regular season.

Besides Pryor, Bronson and Michael lead the RB/FB position with 22 yards and 16 yards respectively.

The Seahawks as a whole played well this game, but there is obviously some work to be done.

Tune in next week, August 15th, when the Seattle Seahawks take on the San Diego Chargers.