Seahawks vs Broncos Preseason: Five Seahawks Newcomers to Watch


The Seattle Seahawks will travel to Sports Authority Field at Mile High to face the Denver Broncos in one of the most meaningful preseason matchups in recent memory. 

For the Seahawks, there’s not a whole lot on the line (certainly not as much as there is for the Broncos), but there’s a whole lot to learn about the makeup of the team. Let’s take a look at five new guys that you need to be watching tonight.

5: Kiero Small

Watching a fullback isn’t always on fans’ minds when they turn on the TV, but tonight it might be a good idea to look at Kiero Small. This little rock-of-a-man could be the difference in Marshawn Lynch having another big year or starting to decline with his age. Small is known as a bull-in-the-ring type of player and hopefully he shows us all why the Seahawks’ brass was so high on him during the draft.

4: Terrelle Pryor

Yes, I think T.P. has a fine chance of making this team and ultimately becoming the long-term backup plan to Russell Wilson. Looking forward to watching his athleticism and general knowledge of the offense to this point. He hasn’t had as long as Tarvaris Jackson in the playbook, obviously, so I don’t need to see a clear lead or anything, just want to see that he could run the team and manage a game if needed.

3: Jackson Jeffcoat

Personally, I’m jacked up for this kid to really show us something this preseason. I think he was overlooked big-time in the NFL Draft and I think it’s time his pickup is fully recognized by the fans on the big stage. He should get some significant second half snaps tonight.

2: Justin Britt

Suddenly Britt is in the fight of his life to try and claim the starting spot at right tackle, but if he can continue to wrestle it away there is plenty of reason to be excited about the O-line this season. He is battling veteran Eric Winston primarily but there are others who may get a shot tonight to see what they’re made of for a few snaps. To me though, Britt’s snaps are the ones I’ll be watching.

1: Paul Richardson

I have to see this kid play. Ever since the Desean Jackson rumors about five months ago I cannot stop envisioning what this offense will be like with not one, but two burners on the field. Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson could be the most tantalizing duo in the league by about mid-season and I can’t wait to see just how explosive P.R. can be. I also hope he gets to return some punts tonight, because I think he can be as explosive as anybody the Seahawks have in the open field and this would be an excellent opportunity to find a way to get the ball in his hands.