Seattle Seahawks Preseason Opener Against Denver Broncos


The Seahawks will take the field at 6 p.m. Thursday night with former Super Bowl opponent Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

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The time has come when we can finally see Russell Wilson snap the ball and throw to some of the best receivers in the land. If you did not know, this is will be a semi-rematch of the 2014 February Super Bowl game between the two teams. Why semi, you ask? Because who really counts preseason matchups? Who really cares about the preseason, its not real?

Outcomes of preseason games rarely have anything to do with the talent on the respective teams, since the majority of the games are played by second-, third- and fourth-stringers.

Some coaches care about winning preseason games, while others do not. Of course, the whole team will downplay it. Head coach Pete Carroll cares. He has one of the best preseason records in the National Football League, aside for Baltimore Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh with 15-9.

“Our guys had a great offseason,” Carroll said during a press conference on Monday. “So we’re hoping to be fast, on point and ready to go come Thursday night. We’re ready. I’m ready!”

Cornerback Richard Sherman also came to the stand during the press conference. When asked if the first preseason game was any different because they were playing the Broncos, Sherman replied saying “Nah, it doesn’t matter who we play. The opponent never matters in these situations. You’re working on technique, you’re working on discipline.”

“We don’t really care about outside influences and perceptions about the game,” Sherman also stated when asked about how people would feel about the rematch against the Denver Broncos.

The Seahawks as a whole are downplaying the rematch, but we all know how they really feel. They’re ready, they’re pumped, and they’re hyped!

Kickoff is tonight at 6 pm.