Seahawks 2014 Preseason Opener: Christine Michael vs Robert Turbin


The Seattle Seahawks fell short against the Denver Broncos during the NFL preseason opener on Thursday night with a result of 21-16.

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The loss snapped the Seahawks nine-game win streak during the preseason.

It was not surprising that the Broncos would win the game. They addressed several changes on their team, and battled to seek revenge from their opponents after their embarrassing loss against them at MetLife Stadium in February.

Basically, the game meant more for the Broncos than it did for the Seahawks. Pete Carroll wanted to give all his young players the opportunity to play in the game, especially since the team witnessed several absences.

Previously, I wrote a post about how good Christine Michael is going to be in 2014, as well as provided some statistics to compare him with Robert Turbin. I even claimed that Michael would be more effective on the field than Turbin, as he was tremendous in training camp, and he should acquire the second running back spot as a back up player for Marshawn Lynch.

With the non-appearance of Lynch against the Broncos, the pressure was loaded on Turbin, and Michael. Both players got the chance to prove themselves on the field, which makes it fair enough to compare them.

Turbin was the starter in the game, but did not make any huge impact on the field when being compared to Michael. He finished with four carries for five yards, and caught one pass that was only worth three yards.

Michael got the opportunity to be involved in the first team offense in the second quarter, and scored on a one-yard run. He then continued playing at the third quarter, and ended up with seven carries for 16 yards, including a touchdown. He also caught three passes for 12 yards.

I believe Michael’s performance was outstanding for a player who’s never had many opportunities to prove himself on the team. His steps were quick and his vision was impressive when running on the field.

That being said, the Seahawks coaching staff should figure out how to get Michael more involved on the team.

The first step that could be taken is to play him for more minutes in preseason games. His development is significant for the team because when Lynch departs the team, he will be able to fulfill his absence.

Regarding Turbin, it’s just a matter of time that he is going to start meeting the expectations. However, playing him will only benefit him in terms of gaining some experience, and that is not enough. He needs to put extra effort in every aspect of his game in order to progress.

Although the Seahawks lost, it was a great match up. It felt good to know that the team can still compete with numerous players pulled out of the game, and that these young players are so reliable.