Fantasy Football 2014: 7 Seattle Seahawks worth having on your team

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7. Seattle Seahawks Defense

2013 Statistics: 44 sacks, 17 forced fumbles, 28 INTs, 3 TDs 

OK, take a deep breath. I still respect the Seattle Seahawks defense, but fantasy-wise I have to rank them as the least important.

Yes, they allowed only 14 points per game on average. Yes, they recorded 28 picks and 44 sacks. Yes, they scored three touchdowns defensively. But I just can’t rank them above any skill players.

Defenses should be drafted in the last round and in the last round only. Take flyers on rookies, talented second-year players who didn’t receive playing time, and handcuffs; if any of those players break out, I can guarantee they will be worth more than any defense. Last year, I drafted Alshon Jeffery in the same round when the San Francisco defense was taken.

Most people will spend a ninth or 10th round pick on the 49ers and Seahawks’ defenses. It’s just not worth it; their production can fluctuate so much from week to week. And even though it rarely happens, who is more likely to score two or three touchdowns in one game, a skill player or the Seahawks defense?

Case in point.

Projected Stats: 40 sacks, 16 forced fumbles, 26 INTs, 4 TDs