Seahawks make statement, call Marshawn Lynch accusation ‘bogus’


The Seattle Seahawks have Marshawn Lynch‘s back.

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While their star running back is being investigated for an alleged assault that might have occurred early Sunday morning, the Seahawks are making it clear, they believe Lynch’s story.

The team released this statement on Tuesday morning:

"“While we maintain the utmost respect for the investigative process, after speaking with Marshawn, we are comfortable these accusations are bogus.”"

News broke on Monday that Lynch was involved in the alleged assault in Bellevue, Wash., but there is still no evidence that he had anything to do with the accusation.

Bellevue P.D. said Monday that they are still going through a number of protocols in the investigation, “including verifying whether or not Mr. Lynch was in fact involved.”

The Seahawks have made it clear that they think Lynch is clean.

Lynch appeared at practice on Tuesday, working with his teammates to prepare for their preseason game on Friday against the San Diego Chargers. reported Lynch did not speak to reporters following the practice though, honestly, what else is new?

Bellevue P.D. said there were no domestic violence or sexual assault allegations, but that the investigation is ongoing.

Unless something new comes out soon, it looks like the Seahawks are going to allow Lynch to do his thing on the team.

He isn’t expected to play much this preseason, but he is still expected to be the starter when the Seahawks kickoff the NFL season on Sept. 4 against the Green Bay Packers.