DeAngelo Hall: Seahawks at fault for more defensive penalties


DeAngelo Hall has been a great cornerback for 11 seasons in the NFL and he is known for having his opinions heard.

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That was the case again on Wednesday when Hall blamed the Seattle Seahawks’ defense for the league’s additional defensive penalties, which are being enforced this preseason.

Hall said there are “no ifs, ands or buts” about the NFL throwing more flags this season as a result of the Seahawks’s dominant secondary last year.

Seattle’s physicality on defense was and is both powerful and intimidating, though not unheard of in league history. The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a similar punishing defense as did the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, 1985 Chicago Bears and 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers.

And yet, Hall believes Seattle’s style of play is the reason for the NFL’s latest rule changes.

On Wednesday, NBC’s Dianna Marie Russini tweeted one of Hall’s quotes regarding the defensive penalties:

The latest penalties emphasize illegal contact and holding on defensive players and Seattle found themselves on the wrong side of a bad call on Friday night against the San Diego Chargers.

Tharold Simon apparently had a 105-yard interception returned for a touchdown, but the play was called back because of “illegal contact.”

Earlier this week, the NFL said the penalty was incorrect and should not have been called. Luckily, the Seahawks, who won 41-14, didn’t need the points, but it showed how controversial the penalty call could become when the games start counting.

The Seahawks have been called for 21 penalties in two preseason games, tied for seventh in the league.

Hall’s Washington Redskins have been called for 24 penalties this preseason.

Pro Football Talk reported that the NFL may be open to adjusting the penalties before the regular season starts on Sept. 4 but we will have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, teams need to roll with the punches. Maybe the Seahawks are to blame for the latest penalties or maybe it’s just coincidental.

Seattle’s defense might be so good that the NFL had to adjust their rules around them.

They will be on the field again on Friday at the CLink against the Chicago Bears in preseason game number three.

And they will play Hall’s Redskins on Oct. 6, just in case you were wondering.