What the San Francisco 49ers preseason struggles mean for the Seahawks


Let’s not deny the facts, the San Francisco 49ers have flat out sucked in the preseason.

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They’ve scored two touchdowns total, been shut out by the Denver Broncos, and proceeded to beat the San Diego Chargers, though the first team offense only managed a field goal.

Blaine Gabbert — yes, that Blaine Gabbert — thoroughly outplayed the great Colin Kaepernick in their game against the Chargers. Gabbert is the only San Francisco quarterback who has thrown a touchdown pass.

Has hell frozen over yet?

The preseason stats say it all: Their eight points per game in the preseason ranks last in the NFL. Their 239.3 yards per game ranks last in the NFL; 149.7 passing yards per game … last in the NFL. The only offensive statistic that doesn’t rank 32nd in the preseason is their rushing attack, and even then, it’s ranked 24th at 89.7 yards per game.

It’s already the third preseason game so San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh has no excuses; his blue-collar team should be ready to rock and roll by now.

Looking at the Niners grueling start to the season, there’s a chance that they could start the first five weeks 1-4. No really, I’m not being facetious here.

They open with Dallas, and even the 49ers inept offense should be able to get past that sorry defense. Then comes Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. After that, Patrick Peterson and the much-improved Arizona Cardinals. Then it’s the high-octane Philadelphia Eagles offense and the Niners end their home stretch with a showdown with Jamaal Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

With a questionable secondary and no NaVorro Bowman for the foreseeable future, that’s a schedule to be legitimately be concerned about if I was a Niners fan.

“Looking at the Niners grueling start to the season, there’s a chance that they could start the first five weeks 1-4. No really, I’m not being facetious here.” -Thomas Oide

But I’m not a Niners fan, I’m a Seahawks fan. And I’m licking my chops, and the rest of the 12th Man should too.

The Seahawks, in contrast to their Bay Area rivals, have played great football this preseason. After a loss to the Denver Broncos, the team has won two straight against the Chargers and the Bears. Marshawn Lynch looks fit for the season despite his lockout. Russell Wilson looks ready to command a larger part of the offense after completing 15-of-20 passes in the Bears game and scoring three total touchdowns in one half.

The Legion of Boom looks stingier than ever, and did I mention that they are the only team in the NFL without a defensive holding penalty called against them?

The 49ers’ struggles should have the Seahawks salivating, their biggest rivals are at the weakest they’ve been in three years. Taking away the NFC West championship for the second consecutive year, and possibly forcing them to miss the playoffs would take whatever wind is blowing in the Niners’ sails.

Now is it “just” the preseason? Of course. I think the preseason is more than just evaluating third-stringers, it’s looking at how clean the first team offenses and defenses are being run.

It’s an opinion, everyone has them.

I mean look at the Seahawks, they were unbeaten in the preseason last year and they were the team holding the Lombardi Trophy in February.

San Francisco 49ers fans can say what they want, but just remember, when Blaine Gabbert outplays your $126 million quarterback … well, let’s just hope the 49ers and their fans are prepared for a football apocalypse.