Seattle Seahawks News: Earl Thomas Deserves Chance To Return Punts


Far too often in the NFL, coaches will make decisions based on fear.

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One such fear is holding back a player from playing more than their normal position.

Pete Carroll has no such fear.

Recently on 710 ESPN Radio Seattle, Carroll expressed frustration at those who feel Earl Thomas should not return punts. The Seahawks coach cited his use of Thomas and Kam Chancellor (he left out Richard Sherman) on special teams. This may seem like common sense but Carroll plays those who give his team the best chance at winning.

Earl Thomas returning punts is an example of this philosophy.

In other words fans, get over it.

As long as Thomas performs at a high level, he will perform on punts. What about playing time in the preseason? This is where I feel an injury is more tragic than normal. Season ending injuries happen too often during these games. Of course my feeling isn’t rational, but I would be quite excited to see a reduction in preseason games.

So far, as coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll has proven he is more than capable of making decisions. To all the fans reaching for the Xanax about Earl Thomas possibly getting hurt, take it easy. Both Carroll and Thomas believe this gives Seattle that best chance at winning.

We should believe as well.

Quick Thoughts:

1. It seems ESPN has decided to report sports as if they were TMZ.

I think it’s time to stop referring to Michael Sam as a gay athlete and just call him an athlete. This football player will get another chance to play this year. Not because Jason Collins tweets about him, or because Billy Jean King believes in him. It will be because he’s talented on the field.

Can we move forward please?

2. It’s interesting to me that Super Bowl predictions are being made based on the lack of success of the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants following their championships.

The Ravens gave Joe Flacco an obscene amount of money for that win and lost the ability to sign key players.

The Giants? See Eli Manning‘s play since that Super Bowl win. Both teams simply weren’t good enough to get to the playoffs. NFL history will never dictate the play of a team. Seattle will be more than happy to substantiate this fact.