NFL Power Rankings: Riles Power Hour Week 1


With the NFL ready to kickoff the 2014 season in just a few days, it is time to release my Week 1 “Riles Power Hour” NFL Power Rankings.

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Each week I will put together a list of the Top-5 and Bottom-5 teams from the NFL with a brief explanation of why I placed them there. My weekly picks for NFC and AFC champions as well as the Super Bowl winner will follow.


32. Oakland Raiders – I found myself really rooting for this team vs. Seattle. I’d like to see them outside this part of the rankings.

31. Washington Redskins – I was ridiculed in 2012 for saying RGIII could not bring this team back to prominence. I’m feeling comfortable now.

30. Tennessee Titans – Coach Whisenhunt might have been better off staying with Phillip Rivers.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars – The “Seahawks of the East” will be better in 2014. How much better will depend on their talent on the field and leadership in the locker room.

28. Cleveland Browns – Quarterback by committee rarely works. Coaching indecision never works. Where is Bernie Kosar?

TOP 5:

1. Seattle Seahawks – Ridiculous speed. Great coaching. Still hungry.

2. New England Patriots – Tom Brady has everything he needs to win. Against the AFC anyway.

3. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers may win an MVP on his way to a 2-seed in the NFC playoffs.

4. Denver Broncos – February may haunt Peyton Manning for a while. They’ll still win a whole lot of games.

5. Indianapolis Colts – A recurring theme in this Top-5 is great QB play. Add Mr. Andrew Luck to that group.

My picks for the conference championship winners follow the Top-5 above.

New England and Seattle will meet in Arizona.

Unfortunately for New England, they won’t face a team as well rounded as Seattle in the AFC playoffs. The NFC title game in Seattle will be a far greater test. The Seahawks repeat dreams will become reality. I’ll wait until January to predict a score for the February match up.

Check back next week for my Week 2 list.