NFL Power Rankings: Riles Power Hour Week 2


The 2014 NFL season kicked off Thursday night in Seattle. On Monday night, in flood ravaged metro Phoenix, the book on Week 1 closed. Those two venues, along with fourteen others, staged a tremendous opening week for the league. Welcome back football!

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As is the case each year, fans around the country have renewed optimism. For some, this excitement lasts only a few hours. But for those of us outside Dallas, confidence remains. Let’s take a look at our top-32 this week. It’s true: You’re getting more rankings for the same price. I am just that cool.

Ranking The Top 10

1. Seattle Seahawks

2. Denver Broncos

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. New England Patriots

5. San Francisco 49ers

6. New Orleans Saints

7. Green. Bay Packers

8. Indianapolis Colts

9. Arizona Cardinals

10. Detroit Lions

As you see, the top 10 had a lot of movement following Week 1. New England, Green Bay and Indianapolis, top-5 teams a week ago, all lost. Of those losses, the 13-point Miami Dolphins victory over Tom Breast & Co., raised the most eyebrows. Of the winners in the top-10, Seattle and Arizona were most impressive.

11 through 20

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Baltimore Ravens

14. San Diego Chargers

15. Carolina Panthers

16. Atlanta Falcons

17. Kansas City Chiefs

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

19. Miami Dolphins

20. Houston Texans

I’m fairly certain this part of the RPH rankings will cause the most questions. During the first week it’s impossible to know if Houston is better than in 2013. But it’s a win, which in this league is always tough. Miami, a team that has been closer to #30 than #20 since Reagan manned the post, had the week’s biggest win. Pittsburgh, San Diego (in a loss) and Atlanta have a good chance to move up quickly. Kansas City, the biggest mystery in this group, may need more time under Andy Reid.

21 down to 32

21. Buffalo Bills

22. Tennessee Titans

23. Minnesota Vikings

24. St Louis Rams

25. New York Giants

26. New York Jets

27. Cleveland Browns

28. Dallas Cowboys

29. Oakland Raiders

30. Jacksonville Jaguar’s

31. Washington

32. Chicago Bears

Oh, don’t look so surprised. The Bears were outplayed, lacked energy and looked the rank they got. Washington got a pass because of the Bears performance. Number 32 seems just around the corner for the RGIII’s. I’m excited for coach Ken and the Titans this year. The fact he didn’t get a head coaching job more quickly still amazes me. Finally, for the good people of Buffalo, may such wins keep coming for your beloved Bills.

Well, there it is: A list after actual games have been played. It’s about time. As always, comments are encouraged. And as always, thank you for checking in.

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