Seattle Seahawks News: Seahawks Will Always Move Forward


This one stings fellow 12s. Sure, the defense looked lethargic and confused. And yes, the legion was uncharacteristically slow to the ball. I know, Chunky Soup Sherman looked nothing like the NFL’s best corner.

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Loyal Hawk Fans, these games happen. Sunday was just one example.

Consider, if you will, the following:

The 2014 version of your World Champions comes with a quick scoring offense.

Seattle scored 3 TDs. Time needed for first scoring drive, 1:25 (60 yards). Number two took just :52 (69 yards). The third touchdown drive used the most time of the three, 2:58 (70 yards). The league’s best defense needed some rest. The longest time the Seahawks used in a single drive was 4:02. The defense was on the field for 42 minutes. Three minutes away from three quarters. Yeesh.

There were problems not linked to Seattle’s defense. I’m not one to pile on, but I was taken aback watching Philip Rivers and San Diego’s offense pick apart Seattle’s defense. It was apparent the Seahawks didn’t prepare for the Chargers or their field.

According to Thom Brennaman, who called the game for FOX, temperatures reached 120-degrees on the field. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor seemed to cramp up during the game. Sherman was not himself, vanquished and outsmarted by WR Keenan Allen.

These observations lead me to believe, Seattle lacked the proper preparation, which is very rare. Overall, this was a difficult game to watch.

This loss dropped the team to 1-1. With 14 important games to go, Seattle will start focusing on next week immediately. To be successful, nobody looks back; everyone moves forward.

What other choice do they  have?