No worries for Seattle Seahawks after 49ers’ performance


While Seahawks fans everywhere moped after Seattle was beaten by the San Diego Chargers 30-21 on Sunday, they might not have seen the San Francisco 49ers struggle mightily against a clearly inferior Chicago Bears squad.

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After jumping out to a 17-0 lead, the Niners gave up 28 points to a Bears team that was supposed to lose (they were 7-point underdogs). They committed 16 penalties for a whopping 118 yards. Colin Kaepernick turned the ball over four times at home and in the second half the 49ers offense looked just like how they looked in the preseason: ineffective and lethargic.

Seahawks fans everywhere can rejoice. Not only did the 49ers fail to take advantage of a rare Seahawks loss, but Colin Kaepernick continued to show that he may not be the $126 million dollar man that Niners fans thought he would be.

He threw three picks against a defense that was missing five significant players: Charles Tillman, Sherrick McManis, Trevor Scott, Jeremiah Ratliff, and Chris Conte. Jared Allen and Willie Young looked like the second coming of Lawrence Taylor against the Niners line. Kaepernick was under pressure for the entire night and was forced to make plays with his legs (he was fortunate to escape a few sacks).

If Kaepernick turns the ball over four times against a below-average Chicago Bears defense, what is going to happen when he faces a defense like Seattle, Arizona, or dare I say, even St. Louis? All of those teams find ways make plays in the secondary and get to the quarterback.

And just last week, the 49ers offense managed to score only 14 points against what was supposed to be a historically bad, god-awful Dallas Cowboys defense. San Francisco fans made a big deal about the victory, but if my favorite team managed to score 14 points against that defense? That’s not a performance to be proud of.

Now to the Seahawks. Seattle endured a good, old-fashioned butt whooping from the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were more physical and found ways to take Richard Sherman out of plays.

“In roughly 14 weeks there will be two football apocalypses in the Bay Area. One is the black hole that is the Oakland Raiders, the other will be the 49ers, and it will be a sight to see.” -Thomas Oide

But unlike Chicago, San Diego is a very, very good team.There’s a decent chance that the Chargers can steal the AFC West title with a few slip ups from Denver here and there.

And on top of that, the Seahawks were playing in 120 degree heat, a climate very much different than Seattle.

Philip Rivers seems to still have that rocket, rubber arm, Antonio Gates was, well, Antonio Gates, and Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal found success of their own.

I’m not taking anything away from the Chargers here; they played one heckuva game. But with the coaching staff Seattle has, the stark difference in time of possession won’t happen ever again this season.

But for the Niners… I’m not sure. I said before the season began that there’s a strong possibility that this squad starts off 1-4 out of the gates. Next week’s game against Arizona will not be easy, especially if Carson Palmer returns from injury. Michael Floyd looks ready to take over the No. 1 wide receiver spot for Arizona, and he will play against a 49ers defense that gave up three TDs to Brandon Marshall.

Of course, the Seahawks won’t have an easy game against Denver either, but everybody knows what Seattle can do. It is rare to ever see the Seahawks ill-prepared to play in any game. Sunday was just an anomaly.

As a native northern Californian, many people scoffed at my picks of Seattle and Arizona to get out of the NFC West.

As usual, I have the last laugh.

In roughly 14 weeks there will be two football apocalypses in the Bay Area. One is the black hole that is the Oakland Raiders.

The other will be the 49ers, and it will be a sight to see.