Seattle Seahawks News: Why the Seahawks Lost on Sunday


Sunday was a rough day for the 12th man and here are a few reasons as to why it feels like the Seattle Seahawks were blown out, even though the final score was 21-30.

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  • Not Enough Rushes
    • Marshawn Lynch had just six rushing attempts for 36 yards; that’s a six-yard average. If Beast Mode could have gotten another six, he would have had 72 yards on just 12 carries. While 108 rushing yards may seem like a decent outing for most teams, 1) This team averaged 136 yards per game last year and 2) 45 of those yards came from a Percy Harvin TD run that should not have counted. If the Seahawks want to get a W against the Broncos next week, they must run more, a lot more.
  • The Offense Scored Too Quickly
    • San Diego’s time of possession was 42:15, Seattle’s was 17:45. When a team has almost 2 ½ times as much possession as you, you know your offense was not doing its part. While the offense actually looked good on Sunday, they scored far too quickly. Their longest drive was under five minutes and they only reached the end zone twice (but scored both times). So in a way, the Seattle offense was efficiently inefficient; they abandoned the run game early, failed to milk any of the clock and paid no attention to how long their defense was on the field.
  • Russell Did Not Have Enough Time in the Pocket
    • Wilson was only sacked two times, but was hit four times, hurried 14 times and threw three balls away. While James Carpenter continues to impress, both Justin Britt and Russell Okung had awful days; they were constantly beat outside and failed to keep any kind of pressure off of Wilson.


  • The D Let Philip Rivers Run Wild
    • Rivers was 28/37 for 284 yards and 3 TDs — not a stat line that Hawks fans expect from the opposing quarterback. Rivers took 82 snaps to Russell Wilson’s 42, he had three receivers with five catches or more and completed 75percent of his passes. With a performance like this, Philip Rivers alone deserved to win this game, and oh yeah, he rushed 11 times.
  • Missed Tackles
    • The Seahawks Defense missed nine tackles. Kam Chancellor missed four and K.J. Wright missed two. This may be a reoccurring theme to watch for as the year progresses as the Hawks missed 13 tackles last week and Chancellor lead with three missed tackles against The Pack.
  • San Diego’s 3rd Down Conversions
    • The Chargers went 10/17 for a 59 percent completion rate and had 17 total first downs through the air. They also had a 75 percent red zone efficiency going 3 for 4.
  • TE Coverage
    • Antonio Gates caught 3 TD passes. There shouldn’t be any explanation after that first statement, but Gates had seven catches for 96 yards and whether it was Kam Chancellor, K.J. Wright or Malcolm Smith lining up against him, he could not be stopped.


  • Percy Harvin lost a fumble in the fourth quarter to crush any last chance of a Seattle comeback. The Seahawks also collectively had 0 yards from punt returns.