Seahawks update ‘Blitz’ mascot look, add new sidekick ‘BOOM’


The Seattle Seahawks have a new bird in town.

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Well, a new bird mascot that is.

During halftime of the Seahawks 26-20 victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the 12th Man was introduced to BOOM the mascot, who “hitched a ride in Blitz’s time machine” to find Seattle, per the Seahawks official website.

Blitz got a makeover himself and the two look like they are going to be peas in a pod from here on out.

Don’t think BOOM wants to run the show himself, though. Apparently he only wanted to be a part of the team if he could be Blitz’s “official sidekick” on the sidelines, showing respect for Blitz who has been the team’s solo bird since 1998.

BOOM’s “birth” was an awesome spectacle:

He made his first appearance outside of CenturyLink field on Tuesday and spent some time with Ronald McDonald: offered more insight on BOOM’s role in the Seahawks community:

"Fans can expect to see BOOM at a majority of the Seahawks’ family-friendly events, in Touchdown City on gameday, and roaming the stadium’s concourse when the game kicks off. The team’s new bird will also make appearances at local schools, hospitals, Generation 12 Kids Club events, and more."

BOOM looks like a pretty cool kid with a skater Seahawks hat on backwards on green hair. He will wear No. 00 while Blitz wears his usual No. 0 this season.