Aqib Talib fined, Earl Thomas not for hits during Seahawks-Broncos game


The NFL announced on Saturday that Denver Broncos CB Aqib Talib was fined $8,268 for unnecessary roughness against the Seattle Seahawks when the teams played on Sunday.

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Earl Thomas, who was also involved in a big hit play on Sunday, was not fined.

Talib’s fine was stemmed from throwing an elbow at Seahawks tight end Zach Miller after a play had already ended. Talib received a 15-yard penalty for the move.

Though dangerous, the hit caused a stir on social media for being reminiscent of a World Wrestling Entertainment move and many fans laughed at the ridiculousness of the personal foul.

Talib denied any ill-will during the hit, during an interview with ESPN Radio this week:

"“I didn’t drop an elbow,” he said. “I hit the pile. The momentum of the pile made me fall to the left, and I just fell on the ground. I didn’t drop an elbow. That’s how I saw it…. they fine guys for elbows and stuff nowadays.”"

The other big hit that caused controversy was Thomas’ hit on Wes Welker after Kam Chancellor intercepted a Peyton Manning pass late in the game that may have saved the Seahawks from allowing a late Denver lead.

After Chancellor picked off the pass, Thomas delivered a crushing blow to Welker, who was arguably a defenseless receiver. There were no penalty on the play, and after the NFL reviewed it, they also deemed it legal, allowing the hit to go un-penalized and un-fined.

The Seahawks and Broncos are both sitting idle in Week 4, each with a bye, but they will be back on the gridiron next week.

Talib and Thomas will both be in uniform as neither were suspended.

The Denver Broncos will host the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5 and the Seahawks will take on the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.