Russell Wilson vs. Kirk Cousins Stat Comparison


Ahead of the much anticipated matchup tonight, here are a few quick stats comparing the two quarterbacks (thanks to Pro Football Focus)…

Russell Wilson vs. Kirk Cousins


Quarterback rating (Takes into account drops, throwaways and spikes): 96.76 vs. 86.94

Accuracy: 80.8 percent vs. 71.6 percent

Deep passing accuracy (20 yards or more): 50 percent vs. 44.4 percent

Sack percentage when under pressure: 13.6 percent vs. 15.4 percent

Completion percentage under pressure: 53.1 percent vs. 59.1 percent

Play action quarterback rating: 106.6 vs. 146.5


Wilson: QBR, Accuracy, Deep passing accuracy, Sack Percentage under pressure

Cousins: Completion percentage under pressure, Play action QBR

Notes: Just looking at these numbers, It would appear that Wilson has a clear advantage when it comes to passing in the pocket, and while Cousins is still finding his footing as the Redskin’s starter, his passing number under pressure and in play action are exceptional and should be something the Seahawks defense should be on the lookout for come 5:30 p.m. PST.