Russell Wilson’s O-Line Taking Away Points, Security


Percy Harvin was amazing Monday night. After Seattle’s big 41-17 win, his acrobatic scores really stuck with me…

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Sorry 12s, can you hold on?

Oh boy.

Um, this is really embarrassing. I swear Harvin scored. Twice on one drive. Then scored again. Seattle isn’t committing ridiculous penalties like last year, are they?

Oh boy.

This win in D.C. had so many positives for Russell Wilson and his 7th-ranked offense. The offensive line, however, was just offensive. At one point Seahawk penalties reached an astounding 12. Eleven were on offense. Max Unger had his worst game as a Seahawk. Holds, bad snaps, false starts. Max ran the gauntlet of negativity for a center (I still held my breath when he left the game).

Heck, after throwing so many flags, two referees were placed on IR (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

It seems this team’s answer to getting beat at the line is to hold. Look, every play in the NFL has a rule that’s broken. Thankfully many are missed. Seattle wasn’t just being flagged for questionable penalties though. They were tackling Washington defenders. In some cases, right next to a ref. In too many cases, the infraction was committed well outside the play.

Silly, undisciplined football by players who are not silly or undisciplined.

Pete Carroll was even dumbfounded. The eternally optimistic coach was making faces he just doesn’t make (I’m fairly certain his already crooked nose bent a bit more to the left).

Although the stat sheet shows over 120 yards rushing (a MNF record for a quarterback), Wilson probably ran closer to 320 trying to avoid the D.C. defense.

But hey, a road win is big in this league and Russell is a big time, smart player. Better yet, no disastrous injuries. So what reason do I have for expressing concern?

Simply put, the Seattle Seahawks cannot win without #3.

Russell Wilson took late game hits that shook him up. He was needing more time after each hit to get up. Two hits, both in the 4th quarter, could’ve resulted in injuries similar to the ones Aaron Rodgers and RGIII have suffered since last year. Green Bay, if you remember, forgot how to play for eight weeks.

If Wilson does get hurt (if, not when), the Seahawks organization will be haunted by the fact it could’ve been avoided.

Seattle is the best team in the NFL. If they were to play San Diego in February, the Chargers would lose. Not by 35 points like in the last Super Bowl, but a lot to not much nonetheless.

That’s only going to happen if this great team remains healthy. Obvious to say, I know. Still, Monday night showed a pretty significant weakness.

Carroll and GM John Schneider will fix this. The repercussions for not, as they are aware, can change the team’s future in a flash. Again 12s, it will get fixed.

In fact, my optimism sees a #RePete in Glendale and a quarterback who will be hell bent on a ThreePete. That’s just how Russell Wilson is. And he’s ours to praise.